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Thursday, June 25, 2009

longterm repression effects

For the moment i am in france, apart from the azerty keyboard i found worse annoyances to cope with,
you name it, guess what happens when you control people, that once crossed streets, identycard's year after year? They get completely confined to the will also convince the people police interference has nothing to do with their lives.

well great, as if i hadnt seen that happening in netherlands. It is a bit disencouraging even embarrasing to see people so unprepared to repression they witness all day, get so mad they rather die then take a sane decision.

well maybe it is better that way, at least they will end up doing something even if it is exactly what the cops want. as if that is something revolutionairy new.
abandon your newcomers in the movement, alienating the populace or whatever other macho decissions need to be made to impress on the girls, like talking all day about the favourit fascist propaganda item of the (own) security, as if it matters with a couple of thousand cops constantly patrolling the area.

thats it, i rather wrote about anarchism, yet that subject i feel is hard for me to conclusively cover. i wouldn't want to err with the only political strategy i think promises progress.
i am preparing something tho. look forward to the good news.

what a sad police state this is. people with none of their own time on their own hands won't stand much chance to change their society's . right that dear slaves, is why they have all these job requirements , these restrictions so ready for you, be like the french, walk the pavement shivering over the next time some bunches of bullys go for your identy cards.

mistrust anyone that thinks there are better things to do then banging your head against the walls especially put there to give you that chance. poor cops in the france of sarkotski? no way... they will feel even greater macho's after.

Maybe the next thing i get to hear is that it would be so french, well.. if you never went outside france, yes it is pretty french indeed.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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