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Friday, June 5, 2009


i don't belief anything about these yurpean elections. what? 40% only voters? that can't be true, even in the 2 minutes i spend a percentage of the neighbourhood's electorate was visible, on one other occasion i was the only one not to have voted yet. so thats point one. question: why? answer SP (socialist party).
i bet all the 20 odd percent disappeared voters all voted SP, like last time.
Next the pvdd seems to have made a hit, not unthinkable, according the same logic the dutch vote Socialist Party ( a rather new socialist alternative over the neo liberal) they may opt to vote a greener , and even more obscurable party. (signals pointing to red here).

thats for nr's of voters. it explains sth to the results.

next the rascist party (a deliberate and most hyped conservative ofshoot among many),
is said to have got seats. On the one side obviously the campaign of the multinationals and media to promote rightwing extremism is succeeding in confusing more people, otoh. it is not at all credible such a high number would vote them. The last elections here only a couple of skinheads were willing to publicly celebrate this party's 'succes'. It's actually (sobs) a clear proof whatever signal the populace gives the extremist rightwing "majority" like eg. in italy spain and france, is what is in the make for the dutch.

so the next contemplation should be the counting. This time the vote was on paper.
it kinda cheered me up. but i have a question, is it still only conservative rightwingers with a high income are allowed to count?

next point. In this nation it appears migrant votes are disgarded. (i voted for a female migrant, so i spose i am disgarded for migrantness myself.) This is not a suspicion. It's an awfull certainty. The extend appears to be the full 100%....

i have a remark about this. Where this happens over all of europe, 100% of coloured people in europe have zero percent influence. I start to wonder, how extremely racist are the rich?

My suspicion is the zionist input is toward this trend to create a fake democratic
fascism. Not only for their own repressive values, but just for the fun of giving good people a bad time they are angling for a undeserved solidarity from the left.

I really hate it the public is as stupid as to not realise how impossible all of the results of any elections since 1948 (when woman started to vote wich indeed they don't do as much as man)really are.

I hate it even more , hardly any can be expected from the party's to fight this fight. The conservative ofshoots candidates must have been picked over the socialists
for just one reason. They can be trusted to be hardcore capitalists. next clue to the intentions of the elite.

then there are those prognoses, they are made based upon anonimous (small) towns,
that "have a great correlation to national results"). well that is a nice way to make it appear nothing ever changes!.. *not*

the only such town i ever saw mentioned was poche. extremely. Dutch electorate is very fluid. the jumps and dives have been in the ordre of 10 percent much more often then admitted: "counted".

That is for single towns as well. For citys even.

so its fake.

100% pure centralist capitalist elite masquerade.
i swear they are trying to beat us into oblivion by humiliation.
no better proof of the intend to turn europe into one big concentration camp.
poor people.

now i hope european unification will not materialise.

oh yes the dutch high court agreed with me about this separation of powers i last mentioned. see how long untill he backs (forever) or gets fired.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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