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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

work in progress

it is some 3 days into the bloodbath in libya, censors are working overtime. gadafi's possibly not anymore quite integral speech, relativations, the ulimate lack thereoff and no insightfull information of the actual levels of repression that happened in algeria or egypt, completely downplaying nrs, whol range of stupid and awkard manipulations in the public consience going on.

skillfully and masterly groups and people can be predicted and steered with their most seperate
whims. there is close to no transparance. the actual money going around these days from the refugee and mostly still seated cliques is far more then we would be told. transparance is the only way to put an end to dictators and their puppetmasters.

back to libye, gadaffi may be crazy and have a lot of imagination, he has not been much of a puppet. he has probably taken an unfair deal of his nations wealth and progress, and also turned it into a control state.

libya has usually been a rather prosperous nation, and recently the population has grown a lot, because he has been quitte opposite to europe trying to accomodate immigrants. perhaps it explains that a greater level of poverty then before say 10 years would now be their part.

actually it is the censorship kicking in again. reasonable people also are not usually open to be informed to a much greater extend then unreasonable, or just usual people.

the average "intellectual" has not the faintest of plenty of figures they use in mediacampaigns, and discourse when it comes to nations that for some pragmatical reason or another are marked with some "different" stamp. It goes all the way, a similar superficial conception of other cultures is perfectly plausible in plenty chinese. not allways without reason even.

khadaffi is a leader of africa, sometimes clumsy, hardly ever without a sneaky side, in many discussions he was able to communicate with african people then large parts of the european and arab world, he has been humorously and i suspect rather generously supporting developments over africa, and allthough this apparently meant, a sharper division along the 10th nothing of that is necessarilly bad or his to blame. he is a president of africa, and a leader as long as he sticks to his role, humor, nonconformism, cooperation (and even tolerance i think).

he has been not a straight out disappointment for the image of north africa in the respect, however that might be subjective related to his domestic manipulations(..).

as i experienced egypt mubarak would, and the north african culture has obediently adopted any perverted kind of racism from their white masters they did not yet readily own. in the sense of measure of control(..).

ofcourse muammar is cynical about that. the public is apparently never supposed to hear about usian bombings in tunisia, and countless other aspects of these "revolutions".

nevertheless they are actually revolutions, i have been an anarchist since i discovered such a thing existed(...), and for me libya's revolution now appears to be killing her children. censoring is a bad thing, and he censors libya as a whole, screw that, noone should ever again in this world censor a nation, not people even, but certainly not a nation.


how do i know, perhaps any news not according to some policys is filtered from the outside, his speech was..

it is certainly filtered, and muammar ghadaffi , our revolutionairy colonel/clown, the man that did give the libyans, schools, healthcare and food, and tried hard to have his power and nations policy as a tool, rather to improve on the world, deserves a lot of sympathy, and even locked in his bunker, fuehrer, martyrdom syndromes, and his bad conscience for his tribe and family. (it is allways like that bro..) should step back into reality once again. he is the tool with wich europe tries to occupy the main african oil reserve, and the only he needs to seek for a way out is that.

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