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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the great pyramid scheme.

lol today i read sth. on mubaraks assets, so about half of everything in egypt. are they going to let him get away with his loot?

unshort interpretation of the events as they unfolded in egypt.

we are now where we got in tunesia 3 days or so earlier. and it takes long.
its like a revolution in slowmotion.

so i am going to shortly describe the things that made it last so long, so long that i as an activist start to wonder isn't it too long? repressive tolerance weighs in by minutes of violence, not by weeks.

the army was everywhere, and as i understand from the preparations the police out in power today. mubs and his fellows have been preaching the great egypt, over the past few days.

in all the tones of repressive tolerance 'peacefull manifestation' 'no disordre' (and a kick in the back of anarchism as usual). mubaraks definition of anarchism is apparently no police on the street.

i call that irresponsible government. 3 days long amidst growing reports of undercover police activitys all police was withdrawn from duty, in cairo, well.. from civil duty.

no wonder a starving mass might loot a bit more then nothing besides.

after knowing or even seeing people killed, by a police that is feared, people will even fear they have nothing to loose. and? what are they bound to loose now? later with all the juridical hocuspocus that declares human rights void, what does it promise for democray? quietude?

i am not in egypt, so i am not sure, after all facts on the ground matter, but i would think this is a setting for even deeper repression, if nothing comes of this.

okay the army declared it wouldnt kill civilians, and perhaps it didn't, but by being everywhere it also showed the people weapons are the tool that decides in 'democracy'.

a very lousy example.

to understand it we have to go back a few days. basically the situation erupted, half or whole of the world got to know about it before a severe attempt on media blackout followed.

internetservices closed, but also a withdrawn reporting in the west. no crying foul over tianan minh, for example, wich i think was less deadly even with many more chinese still then egyptians.

the double standard showed. next aljazeera that remained the most relevant bigger newssource,
did its step back, socalled 'moderate' opinions made the day. the right kind of stress on 'peacefull'
(ie. a policemonopoly on violence) and against anarchy (as if you can have anarchy with one guy getting half the money), and woooops, it worked, people became distracted.

mubaraks 'speech' for example received a load of not very critical attention.
i found it rather disgusting. didn't hold out through the great egypts, and great whatnots.
no wonder these islamists have it high in their head with such lacklustre rhetorics.

medieval rhetorics.

neway, next is the organisers, "the coalition" (of the chilling, in his time of year), sets up a million people demo, and.... a million people come, demonstrate, peacefull, and......
well i think then the elections got postponed again.

thats were we are today, mubarak didn't leave (yet), and before egypt will be safe, there are bound to be more victims, to the nr of mubaraks neglect.

more burocratic hurdles before the hoards of the pharaoh and his friends.

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