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Monday, May 23, 2011

sick sh*t

hello , this time or again. This is another, not really the first post about me.

about me? no rili it is about censoring and terror just as much. but how are you to believe that?
i dont even think my mum beliefs what happens to me all these years.

She does her best for me, or something closely aking a humans best, i love her, but to the topic
i am going to write about it isnt that much help, i get so mad, time and again being disqualified for justice, i cant have a normal discussion about it without getting mad.

justice should be real, and not for the rich by the rich. justice should be for people because otherways the law is against people,

people dont have to be lawfull, when the law is only against them.

that is why justice has a principle of equality, and laws and rights have a long tradition that they need to be correct to be applied.

starting with proof, but also a guarantee against personal prosecution, s guarantee basically for equality before the law.

if one person cannot be punished , to an extent or more, for something, also noone else should.
those kinds of principles.

i wont mention all of those instances of justice degraded to me in person beforehand, i may even write this whole story several times,

obviously i do what they want. by reacting in the public they will have opportunity to find contraptions and disqualifications they would need to otherwise learn by painfull faillure against many different people, who do not theirselves collect and have the argument.

a law that allows for no rights for me, fortunately is not internationaly allowed, not considered humane.

more on this tomorrow.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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