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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the choice of weapon of sales

in as much as headlines count "nato intensifies bombardment of libya".
they do target khadaffi mostly at least symbolically or so it says, mh quite, their point.

recently obama had a weird adventure, i personally assume israel has been capturing it's niche, in the media context of arab events.

perhaps not, anyhow he stated "israel must respect the palestinean souvereignety of 1967 as much as israel wants the world to respect theirs", or sth. on the line.

next he deposits the exact opposite for a few days in chorus with netanyahu, perhaps that is why i think i have a good right to say sth. not according to any sharia.

ok i know obama thinks palestineans should have somehow discernable rights, and i know he , his aipac's, and netanyahu will never really go any length into doing the palestineans a good deal.

after obama is once more bumped, snubbed, why insult upon injury, why the boring extra day of non news? propaganda, and obama is only a tool.

is it that both sell weapons? i think so, the difference between my personal destitution and persecuted status and any other people's would be that minor.

that is also a problem with the libya event, there are those in industry and governments, that love to sell weapons, giving them the opportunity allways turns wrong.

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