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Monday, June 20, 2011


so, back to politics. the greatest news of the day? brazil has a female chief of staff. that is,

there are no words for that,

something has changed. at the best time, (i read a feminist writer is one of her rolemodels..),
to change something.

brazil has recently been one of the more unifying factors in the world. so, that it goes with the fiction or story of a much greater brazil (i agree brazil is great , but that's not much necessary, or perhaps it is), is in one word : great.

she is a woman with a position to change things, like the feminist education of the egypt army,
such stuf.. is plainly juicy. no that is not bad news.

in egypt, i hear.., police and by extension (they are rather a lot more in charge atm.) the army,
in egypt have been prosecuting democrats. well so i hear, other voices say it is not that bad, but i would insist you cannot have any political prosecution in a state like egypt in a time like this.

first you have to regard critically your moral, next you have to make do with the false picture as it was shaped through the regime's forces before, the media haven't hardly dared to give much of the auditing to the public really, the brothers, despite their choosen words, is also a bunch of polarised traditionalists with no great perception. come or go, you don't want your emancipatory forces to burn 'places of worship' or the clients in for therapy.

just like, yeah yesterday i was promoting my freedom, now i am picking on someone else's.

i don't expect this explain anything to anyone, and i wonder how traditionalism would apply any much more this time of the year to shia than to sunni.

even that, is not of much interest, the whole subject of religion, is much like that of sexuality.
the dispute when hardly or mis-understood, has no guarantee to succeed in emancipating a person.

i find that kind of funny.

well i think i need to say that.


i tried to publish a small thing on libya on aljazeera (that apparently is under enough of a dos to see favourites whiped and show provider/actually also police screens.

crazy. most of it happened before, for it and a few. wonders about his..

similarly i cant log in to a game i play through a usian server..

anyhow, it's not really the topic.

the piece i posted , i liked it, so here goes:

this seems like a good place to reopen the discussion about revolutions and control. khadaffi is a revolution, a coloured tory(1) in a state of madness, P.E.plenty reason to that, and the grip on infinite fear and incredible fortune. 1 oil for the other, you would wonder who decides for geology. the sneers clichees don't impress anyone ever, and isn't the story of egypt that the eu wants snipers on the roofs to protect her facade of cryptofascists? freedom has a price, i suspect it is called equality.

, now that discussion, allthough 'unclosed' has been dead since 20th of april.
much like any discussion on alJ since they changed the format.

but it didnt get published, i read, well i read what usia had to say after that, and gates,
said "i belief he would have went door to door in benghazi to kill everyone".

well that may be so 'bombing irak to the stone age and stuff"

and it may be gates never saw enough of the news to know noone in the world ever took khadaffi serious, and it may or may not be why they actually have the opportunity to do what they do.

(well enough of an aircontrol situation, see how the opposition is really stronger??)


and why? because khadaffi is "emancipated" (they could indeed have taken him serious when they didn't that means).

he is not emancipated in every respect, and he is quite silly in his ideas of kings or emperors, he has even been a nato client, but, compared to god knows who and what not and whatever,

the kind of person you might want(2) to say: and yet, in a way, in things, he is somewhat emancipated isn't he?

and the thing is, i wonder if you can say that about this gates.


oh yeah on the down side, even more obscure and outrightly ridiculous administration, railways managing to implicate theirselves all over thoroughly, with their

"obliged" (that is fucking forbidden but they did that to me), automatic payment (for a friggin wrong number of coins, in two ways). that apparently they didn't get. for wich "they send me a letter" (that i didnt get).

and another.

completely unknown so far (and i had even forgotten it again) what for. wtf. i know i once went there with someone. fuck off.
well so i know the place , but i have no idea, what it could be about, perhaps usual things (that would be bicycle fines) go through places like that. they had been supposed to take me hostage , and never did (i guess cus it would clear up they did not pay me but stole or so) for a fine,

they didnt AND send me the letter that they must.

screw them, their own words mean nothing for them.

(1) didn't post that 'h' anyway.
(2) dunno how if i would overread first and last lines.

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