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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh a post

pooh, i owe you one, didnt yet really get to , well, there was this nice show on tv. had a decent week besides.

what can i say, it's a steady habit and a hatefull one at it of institutions to release an utmost of administrive restrict on me, for as long as i can remember in fact. well.. perhaps not quite true,

i was on the oddlist of selfshaped personality's on some secondairy school. that was a one thing that made life easier for me then the usual. just for the idea the rest was supposed to be repressed (aka terrorised, intimidated) back into a sheeplike mode of obedience.

these days schools feature abuse (currently in striking denial) and fine you if you or your kid decide it is not the best idea,

for some reason it coincides with, a certain psychiatrisation of the youth, reknownedly as where it first so suited pharmaceutically, just for the idea.

pull on the line that the supposedly guiding nation or perhaps more complementary testing case netherland in fact has the wickiest set of regulations to put individuals under authority of plenty institutions and drawing the line back you might notice something is the matter.

a few things perhaps. however that is not the story.

the story is i am contrary to the slight scraps of apparently formal nonsense i seen, not only stolen from regularly, pretty much every month in the very least, directly, through the electronic bankaccount evryone needs, (sometimes i even think it weird i would have then never received anything there besides, but that has been some time),

no its not all, they tooks the extras so much as everyone else apparently gets, the holliday money,(when the fine was payed allready) allthough 'the (i havent the faintest what for) fine, that 'has been anounced'(but not in the measure carboncopy's or whatever of that exist, i actually never seen anything,

and take it
it just went the same way as when i got my temporary railcard taken (a proof of payment) and never received a new one after payment to follow with more of the same robbery from the railways through again, denying the duration of the word year. (this time after much effort,
taking of 3 months with no reason whatsover the next year).

lol i used to make efforts for small savings, never the fuck understanding why it wouldn't untill i started calculating and remembered so many other of similar experiences. that i rather not remembered it, had i been stupid.

well long story short they don't only do that with payments, fines, income, extra's, saving, returnpayments, bills, apparently any significant acount of money that would come my way, no,

they do that with institutions and services for society as a whole starting with my person,

the first time when i first needed to take care for food for myself, for a whole year.
to my knowledge it had never been denied, and was not yet even legal to apply.

that was a year or so.
i only ate apples. i hate apples, except some tropical ones, and in juicemixes.

i didnt only eat apples, but mostly i ate apples, weeks on end, a whole winter.

well. and so it has ever been when i got into a house , or way of living, whatever, basically when i needed stuf like food. warmth, perhaps not in the least travel costs,

i didnt feel useless or so, or that any of these denying and stealing from evryone and me, (but me first if they saw the chance, and it seems to get me hated) ever did anything remotely as usefull,

so i protested, i even went to court, and lost that. why? as i am often told to have to understand it, for "i have no lawyer".

well if, i would the nitpicky tidstads from lawyers to win a proces about something obviously covered in the most repressive of constitutions, equality, i would need a lawyer, if something that is so obviously clear to me, and that i fortunately showed before a judge earlier, that i have been the individual target time and again of plenty such agression and hate of the rich,
(i think i can improvise at least ten examples without even making notes).

then, i dont need a judge.

than everyone should get a lawyer by law that loves to lick the specific kind of judges ass or whatever it takes, and they should never again bother anyone with any appeal or chance of proces.

nobody would believe that would work, so you can see the argument a judge would need a lawyer to understand a victim, "pukably 'client'". basically you can kiss my ass with your courts.

ya know if i was trying to frame an insurance or so. ok i might get that, but to judge real certain facts for real certain facts, their own fucking documents?

my ass.

pleased, i will soonish, rejoin my blog for the next topic.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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