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Friday, September 16, 2011


there is so much going on.

yet it is not anything very special, i have a few remarks on the arab spring only. libya admirably tries, but report from the african side of the continent are still in the pessimist.

israel is once over fighting all "arabs" ideas, saying it is basically an attitude against racism they have. it doesn't compute but the argument is still valid. no matter if nato or islam (and i damnedly even know about asia) racism is all to commonplace. without it, no millions would be killed in irak, kurds would not be one of the more suffering ethnics in the world, palestineans would be quite fine in israel, and probably even in the westbank and gaza, without it it wouldn't be feasible to judge whole populaces for the islamic leads they get at. etc.

racism is the big evildoer even when you don't directly notice.

remember london? completely conceived through racism, no i liked libya lauded sarkozy over cameron. remember paris?

now that actually didn't cause that much of a policestate extravaganza. (allthough i overheard i had sarkozy watching me when i visited:)

i liked the french statements in libya, it's so nice to see a nation honour the revolutionairy principle, if even in lipservice. erdogan is doing generally admirably. he is one of those, and go figure how much israel disagrees, that seems to overstep old grudges. sometimes i dislike his policy's (esp. with bombing kurds and calling them attrocious,

/from here google deleted my rather rounded posting.. asking to sign in when i was and suddenly not having saved the draft it "saved" (like every second, it stood out), and destroying the layout by inserting loads of spaces in the text./

edit: that nato, the security counsel (usia) ea. so much need this asset of racism, to manage profit in the face of climatecatastrophe

and with his willingness to attack syria (with or for nato))

ah.. well i went on about how the un veto security counsel wouldn't but that the sacrifices do require us to learn a lesson..

that nato and usia, and that counsel consider repression and racism the best guarantee to manage profit of theirselves and other rich in the face of climate catastrophe, and that is why they will most probably continue a line of downgrading and detroying 'rights'.

so much people are sacrificed we should make it worth, instead "rivers of blood flowing into an ocean of repression continued". that we should actually stand up for those rights, (not only the ones left)

that it actually boils down to racism.

sorry for my public it works so well to interrupt my flow, hope to serve you better next time, but you can hardly guess how often i have to correct for example the first line of a thing i write, because it got altered.

should i be surprised when i agitate against racism this basic capitalist asset is so defended?
i hate to admit i am not. maybe i better the post still later, i am to annoyed to expect much of an effort here and now.

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onix said...

rotfl, get an add how to convert to islam:) in dashboard coincedence? i wouldn't think so.

israel being witty i suppose, if you are not pro israel you are rubberstamped "islamist".

anyone with real sense for my content (like an automation) would know i refer none of the hocus pocus.

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