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Friday, September 2, 2011

road to nowhere

there's plenty of political tomtom these days.

so i' ll announce to great drums and marching music :

libya... (2)

that should do for now.

khadaffi hides and cides, he does not believe for one moment libya will be better without his family in a racist position of divide et impera.
and indeed libyans all over the line, and unfortunately more it seems even with the rebels, engage in racist acts.

acts of violence, extortion, torture, massacre, and rape..

eu aiming it's arrows at syria , what will be there?

eu is as hypocrite as can be. they neglect their allied navy/oil base bahrein's foreign intervention totally, yet they antagonise over syria.

it's amazing to see how the sheople are obsessed with hate and prejudice to perform not the slightest of nuance.

i say down with the bahreini sunni dictatorship.

about syria? i really don't know, i have the faint suspicion the syrian rebels would be every bit as racist and divided the libyans are, and that it is not very probable outside actions will help to defuse that.

dictators , but also all the other elites (fake democracy's), thrive on sowing division.

as far as i can see for the white and potentially influential public on both sides of nato's ocean, it worked.

i feel like i am living between fools drenched with hate through a system that starts the indoctrination in the kindergarten.

worse then when i was a kid, every form of rebellion is now repressed with numbing medicins.

the public should save us from worse. but they have been denied the political or common knowledge and historical background to understand.

i am sorry to say, not 1 in 10 of the average readers anywhere seem to have some collection of their witz. i am deeply pessimist about the results of a continued political engagement once more guised as a humanitarian cause, towards the dictatorships the proprietary class does not like.
(assad, iran)

as long as the western publics can't put things into proportion, we can also forget about muslims doing so, when we in the supposed so free western world don't start out to make sense, they will look for their own opinionmakers. and those, are part of the lucky few, just like here.

will no doubt do everything to betray the people and sheople, just like here.

the cataclysmic environmental destruction sees the priviliged monetary elites glasping at any blunt or delegitimised form or instrument of repression available, cause they damn well know disaster is inevitable, and they want the poor to suffer only for theirselves to survive.(1)

in between all that israeli and other (amazingly related) outfringe is stoking tension where possible.
enjoying the sheople bow to their discord like they would in churches and other centre's of

(1) wich is just as unreasonable, only to be explained by them dimming their own views, firstly to keep a secret they know better, but secondly for being in permanent denial as a matter of survival (meaning they have no apreciable estimation of the real state of earth's affairs themselves).

(2) actually the result is inconclusive, ghadaffi is out to opt for a prolonged duration of the war and terror, for his or his rich family's part untill there is no libyan left, besides them, so that is still inconclusive.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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