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Sunday, March 11, 2012

what moves us in afghanistan.

it got rili silly. after the afghanis went on a rampage, over the alledged burning of korans, being shot by police or i don't know what, with 17 dead, to the great discomfort and exercise of laughing muscles of the rest of the world, some bloke went nuts, sneaked out in the night and started killing the family of an elder of the village that had so long and bloodily fought with the taliban, with 17 dead.

sad. ofcourse, certainly for the people involved, all these 34 dead, a suicide attack.

will he be the first usian to stand trial under afghan standards of truth finding?

perhaps he thought he dealt with a human shield once again. they don't let ppl. that first conquer a town like that occupy it for years to come do they?

maybe they do, that would be soooo stupid, i would not be surprised.

but i feel guilty a bit, the day before i wrote i would get mad if someone started shouting their religious fixes and lording from the towers and loudspeakers, and 'as their justice(?) representative said': these people still live in 1600s (as an excuse for extradition)(1).

i beg your pardon? no loudspeakers in 1600. not going to hand out a costy soldier to a barbarian that don't know theres no loudspeakers in the 16th century..;)

and since i am quite sure about it would drive me rather mad, probably that works for other people the same.

not that it is good, but it is similar to putting a bomb on a market, you'd wonder what contrary afghan justice actually sees.

or like he put it "still very much an eye for an eye", forgetting the shakesperean addition: "gets everyone blind", ofcourse.

i pitty that soldier;

tasked with the impossible, to achieve peace and maintaining a foothold on the open front of corporate war on any and all, the killing, the industry, the human shields, the escaping culprits, the lax punishment of battlestress, the lowly standard of a private, the infeasibility to burn a good koran now and then, the burning of schools but not churches, the people that never get out of the house and are probably preparing ied's, (they can be everywhere and must come from some). the feeling of an enemy allways on their necks, the mean officers that insult every and each starting with the afghans, 'smelly bearded hypocrite homosexual adultrists that they are',

the deathpenalty on someone that abolished koran, the endless hoovering of drones, and the ghastly laughter of their remote operators in your headphones, the rewarding of evil and punishment of bradley manning, the piss-on-you mentality of the marines, those admired super-soldiers, the security services allways watching your every step, do you have an identity card for the grocery?! the supermarket?! the street?! the coffee?! the camp?! the neighbours?!, the bus?!
the roadblock?! every other person officered and uniform?!

and all the harrasment by the soldiers fellow machos.. no really, i hope they get him back home soon, cure him (weapons are legal in usia) and publish a book.

(1) or a freak joke, not a very progressive one.

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