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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

censory and wikipedia

well it took a while, but it worked. wikipedia is now completely a censoring tool.
it used to be that by virtue of unlimited personal edits and and a fringe of fanatical deleters and ' experienced editors' (some kind of mods with allways noncontroversial opinions), to maintain the status quo.

factual truth has been the first victim. but well.. wiki was still a lot of reading material. and soemwhat interesting at times even in more sensitive subjects.

i think now it is a thing of the past. recent events get protected, even the talk page is not anymore available to post links or raise questions. i was looking at the toulouse case, for no special reason but to check what censored story would be history's fraud.

so i noticed the article states the school was attended by ppl 11-17 yrs old, but all the victims were a lot under that age. i even know what will be the next argument, that a lot of kids (yeah like the kids of the headteacher in the middle of the day) use it as a busstop. nevertheless, even if that is so, wich it ain't , it would be preferable if you could also describe why the kids got hurt.

next the dead 'perp' so the guy the police shot dead, in the media was hit 'by twenty bullets'. in wiki he was just shot with a headshot. it cant all be right and the 20 bullets are apparently unwanted history,

okay i think, they succeeded in setting up a wiki censoring infrastructure, turning wikipedia into an instrument against truth. and since there is nothing i can do about it, without endlessly involving with this specific species of nauseating censoring agents, i won't.

i'll just read the selfindulgent reasonings of the like a couple more time untill i know how and where to skip them. just give up wikipedia will essentially be a bearer of knowledge. only an accomplished censoring tool.

bit like mali, nowhere an open discussion about the topic but surely the wests clients started up a military threat etc. actually what the mali military wants is peace.
with the tuareg. seems they are not allowed, only allowed to die for a fake peace.

it's similar.

(like we are not supposed to know the headteacher and rabbi were actually (apparently) a targetted attack, we are not supposed to know the mali take-over is one for peace in the first place, like we are not supposed to know the police rather wanted the attacker dead, we are not supposed to know a mali soldier's or tuareg life isn't worth a penny, and each result to be gotten through censoring. and all 'protected' against more honest comments.)

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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