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Thursday, April 18, 2013

mixing agressive chemicals

there is a lot of hodgepodge going on these days around something called "fracking" a word censored..

still we see plenty articles, that prohibited a factual reaction in that way, talking nonsense.

in concert with that there is a campaign consistently stating the wrong things, the unscientific things, the usual public information rubbish , half untruth, half propaganda..

people are "getting the gas"

well there is no gas where they are getting it, there is stone.
usually just coal , sometimes in hard to exploit layers, oftentimes in just good mining geology.

fraccing (the dutch version of the word, with a rather undutch cc, probably just to further confuse matters) is the pumping of agressive chemicals and the drinkwater supply deep, and sometimes not so deep as you'd want, in the bottom,

there the layers of shale are supposed to crumble and release their carbon content in the form of methane.

obviously there are better methods and certainly more sustainable methods to get at methanes from deep coal layers, yet that is not the point, who cares about the future..

the real problem is that in between the boasting and bigtalk about employment the corporations do not give a damn, and rather blow up and waste significant energy reserves in the hope of a quick methane profit,

that obviously works, it is like the famous coalmine fires that keep on burning, you dont need to do much to overheated pressurised coal to get some explosive and toxic mix out,

what remains, is a catastrophe, coal is gone and unmeasurable and unseen quantitiys of chemicals and toxins travelling our geology, in other words, moving through the bottom under our feet.

that may cause any kind of disaster, simple pollution, earthquakes, tectonic instabilitys, oilwells blowing out, a great waste of resources (coal and water) unemployment and wealth inequality..
unfortunately that is all much sought for in the industry,

for extra spice it is added that a public representation , the governents and eu parliament readily swallows the next bubble, this is going to be a hit.

well it ain't, already in the 50s and 60 dutch shell explored the options for shalegas, and as a resultt the possibilities and impossibilities have been well known for a long period.

some of the many difficulties are, where you get the coal to turn into gas (not release the gas as the actualitys on tv keep insisting to say, it already turns into gas by earthwarmth, so if you were just carefull you would have a vast and nearly everlasting resource..
another is that it only works for thicker layers of coal, layers that are usually economically viable,
yet another is it will not work in a very stable underground, there has to be some chalk or voids to conduct the chemicals, and a s a result it is used on relatively porous layers to unknown effect..

that is to say earthquakes, massive pollution inefficiency and even completely lost investments belong to the possibilities in many nations were the governments and parliaments are blindly following their paychecks lead, the "oil"industry (or perhaps better put : the energy imperialists).

gl with that, but don't be fooled again, there is allways a reason for a lie "release the gas""" get at the gas", it is they want to get at the coal with no effort.

and like i mentioned twice before, when you can get the coal out through labour and employment, yes chances are you can blow it with chemicals at cheaper.

that is all.

k.. next we had a big event, not rili big, many people in irak and pakistan died throughout these days with noone noticing, but hugely televised and in the mediafocus.

some weird bomb attack in i don't want to write that much about it, two observations are, in the hood of the probable culprits (patriots day being the day for extreme nutwingers to blow innocents), people talk about torture all the time, torture and lynch justice to be more precisely.
i suppose they did not get the message yet their plot is about to be uncovered.

the other weirdest thing is that whenever someone tries to analyse the photographs of blackest backpack carrying guys in cia gear, there will be a nut that starts saying anonimously ïts the mossad, its the mossad,

incredible ofcourse, but that seems to be the idea, by shouting its the mossad when it may just as probably be the fbi or cia, the people that want to think this comical detail over are supposed to be anti-israel anti semites.
i do not think it is a coincedence we now meet this hasbara.

neway, i found out some more factoids and indiscrepancys, what i hope most is people will not now and not in the future anymore hand the police their evidence without keeping and distributing copys
it may help get our lives back in our own hands.


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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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