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Sunday, August 18, 2013


this is about egypt,
egypt is a complicated problem, really somewhat complicated, there is no majority in the electorate to support the army, and hopefully and probably not anyone else,

so there is an ancient technique to solve difficult geopolitical problems and basically every kind of problems, it is probably called directionairy logic, and it goes like this,
(i am not sure if i can do this aloud)

the germans are to blame,

lemmesee, am i still correct?


what did they do and who did it for them?

am i still correct?

yes, the germans are to blame, and yes, they make other people do everything for them, ok

they burned the churches, no, that is actually a good idea,
so alltho the germans are to blame they probably did it by accident,

and still had someone to do it for them, so they in turn can give someone the blame, and don't have to do the work.

am i still correct? they burned the churches by accident and someone didnt get payed,

the poor people in egypt didnt get payed....
that fits the theory just finely,
the germans had the poor people in egypt burn the churches and didnt pay them,

am i still correct,
who else would do such a thing? i am still correct.

so why did the germans cause this to happen?

that would be to steal everything,

germans do that for a reason.

correct? passes.

there must still be something left in egypt,
germans like camels, maybe it is them.
no that is not it, it need to be something other people also like to promise to the egyptians they won't pay.
only germans would like one,

(yes that is correct but a state secret)

state secrets help to solve problems,
what do germans have to do with state secrets?
oh that is a stupid question..

so it's not those.

something else.

ah i get it, the germans are jealous that the copts don't like that

so the copts are not the germans.

the copts are innocent, someone else did it.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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