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Saturday, May 25, 2013

a very different climate

it is remarkable how much our weather changed in two years.
two years ago if even it was clouded the upward trend of temperatures was all obvious,
this year and the last it has mostly been cold, the rain that stayed away for 3-4 years seems to be coming.
in the least it is wetter than the last year.

don't know what to make of it, for now europe has allways been temperate, and i suppose it means potatoes.other areas of the world experience incredible heat usually.
the picture is very misleading. december will still be warm this year, unless even more dramtic changes arrive.

for our health it is actually not bad, cold rain and wind will get us more resistant and basically wipe out lots of small organisms.

so that is one side or a medal with more.

next we still have the deathstruggle of capitalism.  one may wonder if assads excesses are tolerated for a reason. Obama has a hard time explaining how he coopts capitalism, mostly in a somwhat control freakish sense. or perhaps it is all out of his control in usia.
overreaction makes the day.

at least they worry about what the stigmas did to innocent people in boston. and in the betweens the guatanamo detainees are finally again rewarded human status somewhere.

kerry isnt doing bad. he tries to talk with everyone, alltho now he was in israle he was all to ready to hype iran.
i can think, why bother.

on the other hand with the somanieth relgious elections in the make we have reason to complain.

there will be a new peaceconference about syria, probably it will stay with the old refusal of assad to do away with the old regime and install a new form of government, wich is the question.
however by now things have become less clear, some are distracted by the radical shape of sunni frustration, and all of us fear the next autoritarian muslem regimes that could be in the make.
if only people would have only secular states things would be so much easier.

perhaps assad now boasts his secularity, and perhaps with due right, after all this is a straightforward monarchy with shimmery implications..

and so are the rest of us, i wanted to react to a paul rosenberg article about austerity.. it's ridiculousness,

there are many structural social arguments against what is called austerity.

the practice of further marginalising and impovering swats of the populace, and a form of criminalisation that i cannot begin to understand the psychological effets on many people,

would be one.

however there are many others, for one thing there exists such a thing as the consumer that consumes basic and elementary needs. those are the most usefull, since they maintain an economic infrastructure that allows the necessitys of life to be produced in a manageable way.

so with any such austerioty actually the premise should be to support the poorer sections of the populace in having that manageable claim on the economy.

next by forcibly putting to labour, and outsourcing the traditional worker contracts there is actually a whole new dimension to slavery added. it is long ago people did not even have the opportunty to have longrunning and appropriate contracts. pensions that have been "hollowed out"(note that must be fraude with the nature of finances), deserve a mention..

we live for a tale

many people have been working for a promise of a contract for many years, etc.
that is kind of new, the rich or corporations and the state united in turning the populace into a crowd of minimally with rights bestowed anonymous covertly controlled herd.

wich would cover media. geared to make excuses that bear no comprehensible meaning for the banks , the financial sector, the rich, and everyone who offers the money..
class justice.

huge storys are made of small incidents. 1000s upon 1000s die in remote places of the world, yet if one english soldier get killed the paranoia is complete, masses of innocent are arrested, huge terror plots hypothesized.
likewise ins stockholm, exagerated poverty and exagerated police authority lead to the predictable,
now the 67 years old guy is " än armed man " the real story is probably still more prosaic.

i figure the camerionetic model will be applied.
harsh racist punishments, i figure that is why they did not stop that much sooner.

anyway.. so far so good the cops didnt shoot any extra .

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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