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Monday, April 7, 2008

Baghdad 9th first day of the future?

This post is not anymore up to date.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the procedure is postponed for an unknown period, presumably not ggoing to happen at all who would celebrate a 5 year occupation 5 months off.
I guess some time will be spend ny sadr on working on the arbitrage proposal in between, i start to wonder what is true about the news what sadr said, reminds me a bit of western media 'knowing' far away elections results. today i saw the rather contrary statements of a disarmament agreement, and the wish to be guaranteed from us strikes.

There's an impressive pile of bumps and notches on the plan, and it is essential it stays completely transparant in its fundamental(s). Otoh. it's about a plan for people who's lives are yet hurt disproportionate, certainly not a reason to trust sociological projections, and as such completely independend.

anyhow go ahead still .. read, if u like.

In baghdad the 9th, a million people or more will be on the march for peace.
(if they let them i guess)
Okay a peace that they like, but still peace. Perhaps it will be many more.
Allthough.. baghdad is all split up in tiny pieces through concrete walls and roadblocks, its hard to be sure they could get through. There is also a risk of provocations by authoritys or attacks (by rabiate antishias uncovered in the surge)

Actually i think there is a small chance the sunni will overcome their fear, the kurds will send a delegation or two , and the badr , baath and even secular iraqi represent. When the people can overcome still more fears then that, it could be sunni and shia would do the jolly partying through the street thing together once again.

That would be ideal. Also for Sadr;) with the provincial elections ahead, checking against sadr would become like finding a roofpane in a blind wall;)

Just joking. It would be ideal for sadr, but he deserves it a bit. If iraki is a failed state? topple that government. There is an end to argument. Irak is a failed state, in so far that it's inhabitants have a reason to resist it.

The badr faction that is infamous amongst usian for being 'independence minded',
whatever that apparently means in their confused minds(1), would be better to join in, after all they want an independend and united irak in parliament as well do they?
Reconciliation with the madhi army, sadr movement and madhi ideology should be a part of the process, it is not the worst moment for that, as they have shown they are ready to negotiate violence. Waiting longer in this exact situation would always create new wounds.
what do you think?

Yankee go home!

(1) some 'post' greenzone military police state as far as i see the reach of their future there, but i am not very sure many of them are aware of that.

Good simple lesson, one way to not stop genocides is to go out for revenge on the associated faction of the dictator u remove.

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