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Thursday, April 3, 2008

worst enemy of peace, put an end to the nato

Maybe i am suspect, and maybe the nato is actually my favourite instrument of torture, sure they put a show for that. It's logical, nato is the greatest tool to make an impression. Anything wrong, send in the nato, bomb the scene, and everyone knows where we actually stand. Great material.. pah, i think i can destroy most of the worlds armies and airforces using just robots, through.... the nato.
Unfortunately every usefull tool gets abused.

The nato as it existed has always deprived us of the option to think or trade peacefully with the east. The sovjet union and china. However after the warshaw pact was abolished, the opposing army of the dark, remained.

Having outlived it's doubtfull purpose the nato shines as an instrument of repression, cruelty and injustice. It's conspirative nature made it a handy tool in the hands of ppl who think the world is a thing you can toll when you have the biggest gun.

After the first amazement, when it appeared the east was ready to lack animosity, soon nato turned an evil eye on new purpose, new tasks. We now see an organisation that existed to destroy a mythological enemy, bussy creating and destroying new, and obviously weaker ones.

Meanwhile the misty deals over weapons reel while i write, or talk to a friend.
Nato is the iron fist that shows us every time this world is not our own, and so are not our governments.

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onix said...

I was thinking of mlk. Blame aljazeera, thought of that the two opposing armys of the dark were actually still opposing army's of the white.

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