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Monday, April 7, 2008

Month of the 9th

This post is not anymore up to date.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my patient, well informed and friendly lawyer got a flue, the procedure is postponed for an unknown period, presumably months.
I suppose i could spend some time on working on the arbitrage proposal in between,
when i wrote this piece yesterday, i thought i should have been more stipulative and exact, less just giving the vague idea..

There's an impressive pile of bumps and notches on the plan, and it is essential it stays completely transparant in its fundamental(s). Otoh. it's about a plan for people who's lives are yet hurt disproportionate, certainly not a reason to trust sociological projections, and as such completely independend.

anyhow go ahead still .. read, if u like.

last year 9-september my house was robbed and broken into by the cops. the 9th there will be a procedure where i will refuse to admit to such unpolitical, oddly founded, ill interpreted, badly abused, intend of the dutch state (and a relatively big part of its government) to satisfy the need of their populace for a more tolerant and decriminalising, instead of criminalising, aproach on drugs specifically and the shortcomings and related downfall of legal quality in general.

Elas, tseems even my inbox, isn't safe i cant give u the due time and place just yet.
Unfortunately really working at the case made me feel severely ill, i actually had rather a bad week after i tried even once. That combined with the absolute certainty about the accesibillity of all my digital produce and communications make i hardly want to write anything about this case on the computer as i fear the procedure may be more psychologically ready to nullify my very reasonable arguments.

I don't exactly expect cooperation, and i have no idea in what set up i have landed precisely. It's hardly plausible that a hammering kind of do the right cases in the wrong kind of way person, would be so open to critics on the validity of her actual functioning. Let alone that it would actually initiate the compensation of what they done wrong. My doubts over it are severe at the least.

That's why i plan to state very explicitly that every piece of the procedings against my person is invalid and that it is not acceptable that such a heap of rubbish and perhaps some gossip would suffice to standardly punish and verdict someone. Let alone in a construct that is either suit for judging parking cases, or otherways abused for so much more things then i might imagine, only the thought of it would be to much to cope to be locked in such a fake trial.. standardly.

Anyhow once bfore i threatened i would drop 10 percent of the dutch national income in a year if they would not reward me somewhat proportionally, wich didnt happen.
Accept that the BNP did happen. And i think.. a court would have registered a thing like that. I very much wonder if they understand i am worth more then 11 million still.

hi judge..
oh yes on now with the real event for that day.
So apart from that bragging smells i don't find it easy to come up with all the thousands of right examples where the law got abused to impose a conservative legislature after in this case even a progressive intend, and that court and justice is dependend. Namely dependend with the conservatism.

Well ofcourse such a thing wouldn't only show in a minor case, for a minor court,
nevertheless the nr of victims easiliest shows in these minor cases. It has actually hit 10000s perhaps even 100000s of the poorest and underpriviliged dutch.

And i am talking about this exact single law that is now being jeered on me.
Such injustice be it that it sometimes happens in matters that would hardly make an international scene, is hard to bear, and the most loathsome to fight. It's called: institutionalisation if you work that the wrong way, you will ever fight the same lost post with less result. That is the reasonm o took this rather great and large topic. Homegorwn marihuana. When my mind is already for a long time on just screwing them over one of their attrocious attacks of justice or their absolute attitudes
in implementing the most idiocrous jurisdiction that doesn't stand the light of a not exactly specialised person , and basically doesn;t do that in any respect or aspect. This is a good case, whatever i win i win for thousands of people, and i decided to put the most absurd claims i dared to show that they should care, and for having to voice my general opinion that ridiculous claims are to often rewarded in a ridiculous (and political , even military context.

Its a kind of paradox for them, that they are better of if they pay me a lot for negating this blatant piece of obstructive conservatist jurisprudence back to a workable prepostion. The actual claims are: 11 million for me, and 1.5 billion to be put in a fund to promote the trade and use of drugs.

Basically the fund is meant as a start to give people more rights for healthservice adequate representation for the law etc. etc. even if they are in conflict with the law. Wich is why the scope is so limited. within the amount there is some space to
organise a paralel to legal structure, but initially the only outside task i want to put to the organisation specifically is to register and file the endless possible direct conflicts of law and justice and open up a route for any well founded anti-legal claims, to be immediatly aprehended by a large and in as far as could be made possible international context. Wich might perhaps give us an solution to the dillema of juriprudence in legislature.
However such a kind of advocatury (lawyer) standard is way to much to task an organisation with that has the task to set right the wrong done, compensate the poorest of ones so strucken, index the actual effects it had, and come with better and more workable justice and anti-crime strategy's then before.

It will be a long time with a lot of work, wich it from the perspective of a lawyer would be anyway. Obviously such a structure with this funding would have a limited possibillity to temper drugstrade and crime. For example by finding a better definition to solve the 'aching to racism, ala wilders' inequal distribution of prisoners among colours.

Anyway such an organisation could only function if it has the very conscious intend to double legislature. Thats why we might as well start with a straightforward aproach. The better aproach to drugs is a positive one, and organisation that would want to promote that and the trades of such aproaches is better of with a name that says it all. A revolutionairy name to be reminded of her criminal intend to do right.
Even if the "rights" would stop to do wrong.

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