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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

may bug

The coming period i will be less "close" to the news. How that goes? the difference is not so big, usualy it is the historical context and general attitudes that are most telling, however what is a difference, is i don't get that much of a check.
What is actually pictured on youtube about: myanmar, the murder of a joutnalist in gaza, or machinations in SA? etc. are matters i will not pick up in the going.

Well don't worry, youtube that is fascinating for its capacity to bear news, isn't
actually doing it as much, even with AlJ certainly being great in actuality.

Whats happening on the planet? simply put bush is doing its utmost to legitimise any kind of military agression, myanmar, china and iran are the focal enemy's, and perhaps zimbabwe. This is dangerous, and i point it out, because it is closing in to be actuality, have to mention russia, just to be sure, there is a real multipronged attack going on.

Also usia is trying to harbour bases on irak soil forever at this moment in time. For fun value.. you know how many airbases alone usia has there? over 30.

it is about.... oil, all of these nations have essential oilreserves. and somehwat about resources (zim) and regional influence (everywhere).
that means that after a few months of relative calmth the world is again in dangerous waters. Carter re-revealed the obvious israel having nukes, no surprise here, i thought that is known since about 1959.

Iran does have a right and a duty to promote independend nucleair industry, under threat of nucleair attack it will and probabaly has already, build atomic bombs.
It is not all as bad as it seems, Ahmadinajaadh nor the iranians are intend on using them, they are needed as a retaliation strike capacity since usia and its leaders have shown their illiterate capacity to threaten and even use nucleair weaponry.

That said i do underwrite non proliferation, and perhaps so does iran. I am not a muslim (and don't want to be one). The validity of the complaints is unobvious, but ruski will probably, being somewhat intimidated, only react in a pre-putinesque way, being under threat herself it wont give openess or informations since it probably considers itself safer with a strong iran then without one.

The myanmar crisis will play out in a possibly significant way, either help will be offered without the many strings attached, or neocons will seize the opportunity and march in after providing the myanmarese with hostage. The elections results there appear to broadly support the government.
Me, i don't trust elections, but i would guess the "undemocratic" aspect of the new constitution , that the nato-prospected new ruler of the myanmar and her elites, saung the english lady can't become president, didn't suffice as much as the unsubstanciated allegations had months been suggesting. In that sense interesting how this blackmailing through human suffering plays out. throw a coin.

martian exploration: depends. maybe still. concerning they still send no brush to clean the solar panels, nor a cable operated remote, and not expect to survive a winter, i guess not. If this mission is searching for life, i think it is actually ibentarising water resources mostly, it appears to be doing so in a strange location,
a suggested debris field of a waterbearing meteor, however i looked at the fotos, and it is more like a sedementary accumulation that eroded away then needed to be expected. perhaps the landing place was geologically more justified then i had expected. To me it seems they are looking for a relic of live where live could have been a relic, where i would have opted for a more mineral aproach , aiming for eg. carbon if possible, or looking for a relevant layer in a newer tectonic or impact area to find material that has not been exposed for these many millions of years and more. so about the top meter or a bit more of everything on mars can be expected to be completely sterile and chemically changed through cosmic bombardment. only really fresh exposures (of a few million years or so at most) would bear complex organic molecules. in the first 60 cm. anyway.

I don't like football. It's an economic waste and part of a ploy to have the labourers and slaves disregard their own body's and as such impregnate them with a negative vision of their value and quality of life, and as a result that of others.
Irak, important, some creepy thing is going on, usia is trying to push the greenzoners into signing an accord to have usian militairy on iraki soil for indefinite periods of time. Even had the iraki mp not yet been bribed the pressure on them to surrender their nation would be great. That besides usia always manages to get idotic strawman sign ridiculous accords so we can be severely worried about the follow up.

I hope irak shows unity in resisting this masquerade, that perhaps will save history from this next farce, since the green zone does have an interest in not being the legitimate target of every attack in irak.

Obama, obama is doing very well all, however he has to show the world he is willing to try to stop bush and his methods. Usually the democratic candidate, indeed being a malinformed usian, since they live with more lies then we the rest of the world, comes up with some rather crude and expressed geopolitical views that promise to be no great improvement on the situation, Obama is no exception. Fortunately politicians are not held to their promises a lot, but the effect of saying to much when u know to little can be disparaging. Bush has as much as 16 years experiences with promoting political goals quite contrary to mine, and he has not told anyone everything he knows. (nor has the republican administration informed the democrats or populace in every insight they got from the rest of the worlds minds, as an example bush could make a small concession or say a smart thing most ppl know, but not usians, that he has already done like twice and very strategically, (things i react on and have to support him)).
Don't underestimate this. Only when Obama has the nomination changing usia will really start and be important.
Remains to be said i expect clinton to be more of the same indeed. Altho she did campaign in a more politically correct way during bush , i seem to even have overrated her performance in that. The main problem is she is a member of the same clique, she is raised into interests very close to the ones of bush. Obama could offer sth newer and more different then that. If he errs here or there when we start this world anew, it need not be unovercomable, social sturctures are so bad these days the international world is on the risk of collapse. His humanism might easily turn that tide.

enough good advices for Usia.

England, england and teh netherlands are the among the more dangerous nations in the world at the moment. They have alredi a lot of the usian mindset. "we are innocent, starve the beggars". That besides they are the most surveillanced nations. a dutch or english can easily be filmed 8 hours a day and all their communications are tapped and screened routinely. This is called a guiding nation, but actually it is a experiment in control. The dutch are a favourite target in this.

Unfortunately the dutch are not aware they are so relevant, but our values of freedom and tolerance and our average intelligence are high, so what works on us , may also fool a french or italian and most western people.

English are scary, they are so isolated and bigotted i have no clue what they need these cameras for, probably to look what you can incite in crime in a future society of yurpean nitwits. Perhaps it got sth to do with "nobel-price winning peace accords".
(clintonette anyone?).

Censory, censory will continue and be worse the coming month, that is ill boding.
but, ill boding is what the current economical system is, it is not a reason for extra panic on its own. stop that war ppl. we need the precedent of peace.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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