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Thursday, May 15, 2008

mushroom clouds

m behind on posts, this one is about psilocybine.
It seems not overly important relatively harmless and beneficial as it is,
one good thing about not posting before is now i heard psilocybin (the working substances) are the only ones to induce new neuron patterns in an adult brain.
So you essentially need them to become more intelligent, and not the other way around, that you become more intelligent because you do what you need.(1)

Nehow, this rant of the dutch establishment, this next signal of them being bribed. Purposed to a society where everything and everyone is punishable beside a few rich,
has now sawn it's diverse spores of distress through quite a load of sectors that are some comfort to our world, here in this nation.

Not surprisingly we are dramatically dropping in human rights rankings.
The pretext of the event is another extremely weird and protracted usian event.
The 9-11 of drugs, this time it didn't suffice to kill a daughter of a leftish french intellectual, some crap usian 17 yo out of her mind descendant of drug users was made to suicide on some rampage that remembers highschool murders but was merely suicidal.
Being lethally vulnerable to natural substances through her (&great?)parents lifestyles, she arrived in netherlands, presumably already under influence of farmaceutical toxins since 50% of usian kids have that crap forced into them, these days a child with no asthma is the exception. (2)

Once in amsterdam, money is not a problem, the chick starts drinking, takes plenty xtc when she finds that, and we are made to believe after that she managed to still swallow psilocybin as well, before falling from a window some way.(3)

Okay i admit, dutch don't behave like that a lot, on the other hand the whole world is screened for the most crazy preoccupations before entering usia, chicken peas someone?, how can we expect them to export such insanity unchecked? they must have never heard of words like informations. Or perhaps, they do, just as us, and this was some suicidal 9-11 attack on a liberal dutch policy.

(1) myself i am not so convinced psilocybine is the only drug to have such positive effects, it warrants research at least amfetamine leaves a pleasant and usefull memory of inexhaustedness, and cannabis is supposed to reactivate the small brains,
lsd is famous for its 'flashbacks' tho i never noticed much, it's memory is rather faded because the composition is either perfectly familiar or utterly unsubstantiated.

(2) recently i saw a tv show that reminded me of 1930s , some supposedly 'nasty' kid
was cosily forced into some 're-socialisationcamp', ofcourse that kind of 'reality' tv is as big a fake as a follow it up would be, but no matter what they tried to hide, these parents were a crime of their own existence, typical usian that they were.

(3) or by merely dieing? This is a nation ruled through glossys and soaps, wich are things i don't read or watch much. AT least the story ahs it she had an allergic to psilocybine. Something i have not heard of before, yet everything is possible in our contaminated genetics.(asthma, allergys, learning difficulties)

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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