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Monday, May 5, 2008

Myanmar Cyclone

next to a suspicious outbreak in china, myanmar is the great event of the day.
Even so i relate to my this years first post. (hope i didn't mention it)

As a person with a lifelong interesse in climate, i have to add not often the first cyclone of a year is the severest, at least when they behave similar to tornado's.
As such it would be advisable to harvest crops along trajectorys of such manifestations standardly, when applicable. And not only? in bangladesh.
The indian ocean ofcourse is bigger then the gulf of Cuba. Critically interesting would be what the temperature rise of the more temperate and arctic streams could represent. An arctic stream u could digress with an iceberg 60 miles wide. These there are these days.

Life appears to be selforganising, in many senses it is better to leave the planet alone and adapt our own behaviour. Unfortunately natural strikes may more often affect more natural areas and ecological resources, as their global function tends to be to prevent catastrophy.

In many ways this is the best that could have happened. Apart from posing a challenge for the military (not paying overly much attention immediatly at yangon seems reasonable, at least there is food for several days), no area got hit that would have depended on less natural building materials. Considering the scale of the event, a full blown (i would guess exagerated compared to historical records) 'cyclone' striking hard at a delta, a somewhat unlucky hit at bangladesh or another nations might have resulted in comparable or actually more deads.

anyhow the higher nr mentioned has now risen to 15000, wich means there are most possibly more , if you would go with this_tsunami kind of 'no panic' reporting.

the scientist must suspect stronger then even me that such grotesk events are directly related to human activity.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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