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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Historical day


thanks for having a historical day,
nothing compares

gorbatjov tho,
he, the people and his duma besides,(1)

i worked at that to,
for me this is more emotional.

Jesse Jackson ! cheers! You deserved it well,
a brave man to. Whoopy! I always trusted you.

I think Bill Clinton performed! Man i am enthusiast,
i even admire hillarys dedication now , perhaps it was the best thing after all.

all the people of the world have been working this,
the children, and sometimes the animals even..

i am glad i didnt go that deep into it!

wow people (..)
animal kiss.

Good luck with it all,

we have to hold our promise.
Congratulated Barack, it would be great to meet you i am sure.
I have never said that of anyone 'important'.

so take it as a compliment, you remind me of a friend, 'Frits', you must be smarter though, maybe you can do with a lesser appeal of fame.(2)

personally, i hope your secret service 'annoying policies' will be a bit moderate.

Maybe i should say something about reagan, (uh bush..) it's always a bit personal,

you know bush is a bad guy, rather a bad one, but, in one thing and it is a thing many 'bad' people are not of the worst, he has been respectable.

he respected sillyness, people being human, really.., i guess zardari is like him,
and occasionally that could be a compliment, a bad guy , out for cash, but not without the idea to make a better world, otherways this couldn't have happened.

It couldn't for Jesse, chances are we have to forgive bush ..

Good luck world:P
we are there.

historical day!
hugs for all.

(1) salt accords could have been and done better and more easy from guess what side ..)
(2) to much to do with motivation ..

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