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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A million things left to right

My mind buzzes, i don't know how i do this now but i overflow it with informations even if i see nothing i have to think about. Perhaps some of you, or all, know i regularly contribute on the your views page of aljazeera. I love the medium, perhaps i even love the fame, but it's the kind of blog i feel ok with, many opinions and from evrywhere in the world, so many new things viewpoints occur.

However there is a limit to its uses, not to bitch alJ. one is the western bias in censorship. Recently i come to wonder if its even usefull to, again and again, be abused just for wanting things in the open. Defy one lie, the next springs up to bother you in the same boring and annoying way.

So the next limit is where I run into repetituous argument, and it does that a lot.
actually enough to make me mad about ziofascism right here.

However there is not one lie in the world i think is more strongly defended then the "zionism is modern" lie, "zionism is anything but fascism".

I am even very sorry for the israelis and the jews, i am glad my affiliations are not theirs, i am glad not to be in a position where i would smear all the world to hold up one lie. (this suggest that "1 lie" is israels right to exist)

So thats what i think, an archaic racist and authoritarian set of values dominates the discussion on these subjects, as soon as you are against them(zionists/israelis), no word is bad enough to insult you, these are really the least constructive discussions on that forum.

I am one elaborate target of that strategy and it annoys me plenty to let know, sideways like this, i had it with racists calling me fascist.
fascists with a fascist mindset calling me fascist.

That discussion is so dead it is not a funny history anymore.

So let's switch subjects, leave the israeli mess for what it has been since 1917 or thereabouts ('terrorism' amongst), and throw an eye on the real world.


Tough, will kongo be news untill solved? the recent examples of irak and pakistan
don't stem greatly optimistic. "Kongo" is also a thing that has been going on for years, everyone "knows", but noone accounts for it, bothers, contemplates.

There is certainly a worldwide consensus the problem is at least partially caused by the resource policys of EU, US, kagame, kabila and a couple more.

However the details , and those are details i know off for almost a decade now!,
escaped public scrutiny, i think they are basically secret, no head of state would be accountable for "allowing local geniocides to extract tin" or buying from the cheapest armed faction. otoh each party in those games is well aware thats how the ball rolls, what follows is there is some kind of secrecy involved.

That there is some kind of secrecy involved is quite obvious from a researcher pov.
The shit happens, but there is no publicity about why and how these agreements work.

Also many parties have knowledge of some aspects of these resource deals, but the most comprehensive picture i have so far seen is belgian (former coloniser) older generations research, wich would neither naturally always have acces to all sources of information (it's quite competent tho), nor be unbiased in every aspect.

This i will for goodness sake try to describe, it could be a bias to hold on to research conclusions reached in a dedicated contex but to long ago, at least that would be the typical for such researches even if you think me a bragger.

So there only i would know to look for more detail.

The un doesn't impress me, like amnesia international and other (zionist?(1)) cover ups, it plays on the goodwill of people including it's personnel, it uses some mantra of emergency-aid helpfullness, definetly a resource hard to deny in an area in crisis.

Obesanjo appears an enthusiastic, and i must say nkunda tries to show principle on many occasions, yet... we at least i do not have the informations that would warrant to embrace nkunda. So thats a matter of trust.

What i ask obesanjo is twofold, do you think nkunda escalated the conflict as it evolved after the rwanda crisis? Do you think nkunda's actions dislodge the sense of security and future, "possibilties", as it took shape when kongo accepted kabila?

I just ask, the real background of social injustice centered around capitalist tools,
"contracts", weapon "aid", diversion, and resource "security", needs different solutions then a political kongolese make-up.

Okay the last point i make in this post is the same as the first, i tell it all,
it just continues, the obvious conclusions are not handed to the (any) public, and the people are not informed to sway opinions. Elaborate negotiations and agreements may follow, but so far the real issues have never been adressed , the wars went on and on and on...

what shows secrecy better?

(1) some zio nazi equated some perceived succes , forgot what cus it was actually bragging, as a reason to praise amnesia into heaven today, good pr for a bad memory.
made little sense, obviously implied the zio-guy tried to regain credibility for amnesia, perhaps he's looking for pay. hardcore conservative, propagandist guy.

a very strange detail about zio-nazism on aljazeera is the guys are all affluent, rhetorical, derogatory and extremely labelling, once you got used to it it's actually so stupid i really don't easily understand how this fools the world. They are also all guys.

One reason i am so angry is they apply their hate schemes to every discussion to a greater extend then any of their opponents, except a very few individuals and even these appear more reluctant to apply it everywhere. Worse then being a bore and a liar in one discussion it is when you waste all the discussions with the same dumb scheme.

Strangely usually progressive thought, is immediatly confronted by zio fascism, it seems themselves they don't notice. but when they apply rascist rightwing schemes to every situation, they are a fascist. I don't so much blame the "jews" as the conservatives.
Perhaps from the rightwing pov the jews became a usefull distractor again. "Who cares what happens to them". Just calling names cus it confuses and poors unwanted attention on the jews.

go figure mossad. what i think now has been said before to the jews, and who tells me the reason wasn't the same.

Anyway, everyone! be warned!

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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