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Friday, January 2, 2009

2009. january

I hope every day of your life starts a good year for you, yet i hope this year will be special, the Obama thing, i don't expect anything outrageous, just a window of opportunity and a world that may be eager to get through.
I for my part will try to be positive and keep it in mind, Try to contribute.
Bush has been a bit quiet, i think he hopes the same, Condi threw the stick in the ring, remained a low profile. Fascinating, what she did say about mumbai had some of the usual apertness , but it wasn't as mean as she could have been, setting things up worse. I guess it was styly. I didn't much agree tho.

Predictions are not the big thing this year, having a post last like last year is nice, but i haven't an idea what new the year would bring, i am pretty sure the trend of cooling will still be apreciable, meanwhile apparently we are all but save of droughts, i think that will remain, like last year, wich was rather a disaster year, with that terrible flood in myanmar, the huge earthquake in china and 3 terrible hurricanes in cuba. food production in cuba has been at only 20 percent
of the usual level, so i am a bit worried, these hurricanes are an obvious trend,

Ah, yes the financial "crisis" i think it's an another economic phantom, that will chase you only if you believe in it. Perhaps just because i am not so surprised.
We have been saying for many years there is a limit to the growth.
It is so very obvious that in many ways we are reaching there. We could easily just be challenged and adapt, start making enough, instead of ever more and more..

I guess that is why i am not in much of a profetic mood, the idea to just do something about it appeals more. India is bluntly surprised pakistan got affronted,
wich is good news , although i am still embarrased by the idea of such a huge nation having such utterly partial and controlled media. Also its not quite credible even diplomats and politicians in india wouldn't realise they make this impression on pakistan. Allthough the premier spoke out somewhat moderately even under great pressure to strike at pakistan hard, he did accompagny that with a wish.. a demand, so he was being a pawn even in my eyes of (what i perceived as) hindu sentiments,
ofcourse a pakistani would notice. The matter of an anti-islam context is not for me to judge, but has been easily collaborated.

That is a pretty tough thing. Obama announced, i think, to continue operations with (and in) pakistan, i must say that was a political statement, go with the flow when asked in very challenging election times, so perhaps he has some nuance in reality.

Pakistan is actually martyred by the "allies" in the war for terror. 10000s of pakistanis have been heartlessly forced to sacrifice their lives fighting their brothers for the blackmail of the bigger wars that would otherways follow.

It's a crying shame and one reason they would like to see a real enemy they could beat on equal terms. A completely ridiculous situation, 10000s of pakistani dieing for a war that officially we wage. (Usia and EU). And tehse idiot usians boasting it as genuine heroism. It's terrible, well it is what every army does. Armys are a tool of evil so they are a great and inevitable source of inhumane indoctrinations.

A professional army is a crime against humanity, even the motivation of a police force can only be regarded as utterly suspect, and in practice has often shown to be as awfull. There was quiet some attention for christmas, and less so for new year,
i would guess it means the nato plans war. christmas is for nato soldiers,(they put the red hats on their uniforms in masses) new year is the dream for a peacefull future,

I didn't pay attention in my blog yet to israels newest mass murder. Actually because for me that they apply inhumane measures to the palestinean reaction has become obvious very much in the attack on lebanon. It made me wonder where all the prisoners israel ever took went.

It made some lebanese and palestineans wonder as well i think, the conflict was slightly different from there, yet hezbollah won, i don't wonder that was to greater sacrifice then we know of. (off 1600-130 killed)

It seems israel is preparing to advance into gaza, perhaps they need to reassure themselves about their militairy capacity, it's a strange country, i think they consider the palestineans some experiment.

The predictions are israel would not like to start ground operations, but the area is very tiny and they have complete air and information superiority.
(I think it very nazi to apply such overpowering technology to eliminate your political opponents.)Israel itself is giving a good show of wanting to attack, "clearing minefields" and i suppose perhaps they will, wich would be very sad and bitter for the palestineans that would then again be forced to fight the israeli drone to man. Meanwhile the israelis and other usians talking about cowards elsewhere ofcourse.

So i think i covered that now. Recently i saw a nice entry in wich the palestinean cause was represented with much more serious claims, that was encouraging, i am not the only one that thinks the palestineans could have a little more instead of only ever less.

Anyway when we finally settle the eu border to include iran, ofcourse we have no real excuse left to exclude israel, i am still not so happy about the creation of all kinds of medieval mini states in "my eu".

You can say netherlands is one itself, but at least it existed before the eu.
i like to see things connected, in history, before i think they are ideal.
How does the EU have to defend the territorial results of some most doubtfull quarrel over ethnicity's not worth mentioning.

It's a complot to frame us with 'pragmatic nazism' "this is the superpowers militairy result so we keep it at this.." i believe in european people and that they a better representation is their right.

talking european people , i am charmed with sarkozy still, he is quite a surprise in international affairs usually, i thought of this last year ehrn something bigger happens i still hope to see some of his statements, perhaps his position as intermediate has now and then been a bit easy, because quite dearly needed, but i will pay attention to what else he says in the geopolitical context, he even deserved it from my pov. i am curious in what he thinks about conflicts and geopolitics, but i think he is strongly motivated for peace and quite engaged with the french mind. Not as impressive as putin, yet very diplomatic, ofcourse people will say its a dangerous course, to be easy on people, but as long as people deserve that you are easy on them it is a hell of a lot better.

Last year his attitude has saved the world from some harm, quite a lot actually, whatever he did after georgia's crisis, was equally articulated, but it slipped my memory, i think i wan't the only one to look for a reference.

So we have a czech president now.. gl czechs, i like the idea so far..
Don't forget people will look what ties you already admitted to, if you keep free of that you won't harm. It's quite important to pay attention tho. Otherways for eg. arab nations the presidency could be quitte meaningless.

Sarkozy behave nice for a presidency of EU. He didnt push the position for anything, but gave it a rather positive aspect of being on the affairs and still constrained.
Thats suits the idea of am united europe well, for my feeling it is not the first time the old bases of culture and you might call it civilisation, saves us.
I really liked his attitude. For paddo's and france in that way he is still an ass as far as i an concerned. So i am still wary about his national politics. but it's a great deal in international politics he opted strongly for peace and entente.

He also did in the newest israeli case, but israel wouldn't let him. I think a bit predictable, that is when israel has further agression in mind, wich they say they do a lot.

Thats what Ban noticed. That the discussion is inflamative. He should take a bit care tho, i doubt hamas has so much said inflammatory things, or said that before his statement. Perhaps that is also a matter of taste, but it's worth noticing.

Israel actually wants to make the weirdests points by this action, for example they think it clearly shows the muslim nations (and also the western) should rise up against their governments.(perhaps not all israeli's)
They are really a bit silly in that, you would say, why don't you rise against your's?The pun being they can have another zionist fart at that point... becus i don't dare to before you do.

so when israel will be part of the proper eu, england will have to abolish sharia again and so will israel and iran, otherways i suggest they make some union of their own. We would be at war, because no nation is allowed to make people believe stuff that is not empiric, but at least it seems they could have peace amongst theirselves.

I would like to have turkey in the eu, that we could start with having syria and irak and kurdistan (as a result) join, but i opposed it, it seemed improper, another continent, indeed the greek went to afghanistan over turkey.
so i am proud we didn't. qalso beacuse we held at the border of ukraine and belorussia i am proud. Nowadays i alsready feel terribly romantic about the idea we could always have russia join, and the rest, well now there is abchasia to and ossetia, quite terrible, a bit beyond the european reach even.

Obama is said to have connections with banks with connections to saaskavilli.
so that nationalist i fear we would still see around, strange how this reminds me of israel in more then one way now.

Georgia is snall tho, and it being newish you can expect some rather wacko types to arrive in power. Tss.. reminds me of something, guinnee, i wonder it wouldn't be a first that the "international" community (usia eu (and israel?)) makes a great point for a small nation.

The people of guinee , mostly according to alJ, appear to have no great problems with the takeover. The idea that economy and burocracy will be differently arranged and non corrupt apparently is quite a dream. If Camara really wants this remains to be seen. but he is being quite secure about it.

Two years should be anough to make a great start with undoing corruption wouldn't it?
I think it should if you are ready to lay still all the mining industry.

Anyway.. thats quite an action, good luck ppl of guinnee.
It's a bit of a paradox when you say you are a technocrat though, why then didn't you lay the mines still before.. I think camara was really of the opinion conte was a bit of a dictator. They messed up with the burial a bit allthough he appeared to not really have a hand in it he made no great point in "paying respect".

Lip service, ofcourse half the nation regards their former leader as a figure of almost mythical proportion for due or undue reasons, he is obviously taking care with that. He also sacked 12 or so generals, thats 24 times more then the dutch have btw i think . it's quite credible they served no real purpose. Lol i think he was no general.. oh well details.

Thailand. I think thai politics are either ridiculous from my point of view in a similar way to the bangladesi(a sistertwist with oprah aspects), or the matter is more serious and perhaps incredibly obstruse. I tend to do belief allegations of corruprion against south-easian leaders, but i think i would have voted taksins party, if one of the two was the only option. Well they looked like santaclauses pretty much all in yellow. It's a mess still, perhaps indeed it is now up to the reds to test tolerance. Anyhow i think it was incredibly funny as it was.. keep it going guys! Did you notice how when wasn't it taksin? returned handgrenades were tossed pnto the yellows? well there were other incidents as well, but i will allways wonder if he himself did that.

Now on with soemthing really sad. tamils have become a sidenote of the war on terror,
the ongoing militairy campaign has unrooted most of the tamil territory on sri lanka,
i always despise teh government of sri lanka no matter how long it takes.
After the native americans, and the maori , the aboriginal, tamils are now the only ethnicity to have no nation of our own, how very colonialist to see it happen.

Sad, Ok i quit, no predictions much, maybe next post.

Do it the obama way people! respect, and we are still the majority!

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