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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The bright side

There is plenty of topics, i guess the alJ yourviews forum is so slow because it got to hear it serviced as a spokes channel of the maffia or some such, in any case it is not hurrying to satisfy my eager for international discourse.

Perhaps i should blog more, but blogs tend to depress me as much as anything.
I love them for actuality check, reality check, and sometimes i abuse a friend online who blogs, just to cheer up.

The forum is more clear, it got at least two kinds of visitors, those who think and try to use the maximum nr of parameters, and those who hate and make propaganda and try to use the maximum nr of lies.

AFter a while you get used to it, and you can just skip 90% of the hate posts by looking at the hateposters name, and still have acces to all these diverse insights that sometimes pop up.

A few times they may even be interesting, whats the introverted hate guy saying about this or that? What say the 'believe everything bush said' usians?
whats the zionist prop people ranting?(a lot of that on alJ)

such things can be usefull even if they waste the pleasure of reading through all more often.

well this is boring. it may be relevant to a lot of us, if we are looking for a forum kind of exchange.. like me, i wish i knew more multicultural forums with topical focus, that can also be read by people of every nationality.

love alJazeera there. Love a load of it's contributors.(and some of it's moderation)

I think i just post this and restart another.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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