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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

20 billion pillars of economy , g20

(3 big meetings at once btw at least, doha g20 the hague afghanistan)

hi ppl. this must be a special day. i mean, i am the kind of person that would doubt should i protest around the hypokrit krisis at all? because that is just natural, what else had you expected from kapitalism? going there and getting told you are all about finances , no thanks.

It is about peace only. what does it cost not to have peace?

The people on the G meeting will want to appear generous afterwards. Scarely often that means just another, sometimes very obvious, rip-off. However there is some light.

there is china, that calls for monetairy regulation but still wishes to abide social principles, human standards. (prolli they use the word standards traditionally over rights).

There is latin amerika that found quite some internal solidarity and prefers a social and carefull economic course over a wild and adventurous capitalist hunt for the top.

There is Russia that maintains a luxuruous set of anti-interventionist aproaches.

Well afrika might just not be there, or perhaps the ANC is. The ANC is quite a modernist movement. There could be a clue even here, because that is a lot at the same time, when you also cope with pan-african attempts, i love what i see from there usually. They are not allways left and then sometimes wrong ofcourse, but they are pretty ok informed and think about a lot of things.

ok. pluche seats also there. Why don't take people democracy a bit more anarchist?

democracy is there ONLY to be ruled by different people all the time.

so take care you do that whenever you can, just allways keep putting other people in these pluche seats, in the end we will get used to it and it will work.

( that is why they invented blackboxvoting, power to the people!)

Really true, all of us, the real people, the ones not in pluche seats, or in magistrate position, we took care for change, blindfolded and mislead sometimes,

all we did was take care for change. That is why they invented blackboxvoting, and a system that guarantee's they are the ones that count the votes.

So whatever corporate interests these 'G20"s represent, it is usually not :

our "legitimate" government.

sad but true.

From my mal-educated western pov. i know that people like the pakistani, or the chinese, even a lot of the russians, can also be fooled by fake 'democracy'.

so that is why i am never safe with anything.

structural support for chavez here who has to fight election after election under the strongest scrutiny of a prejudiced world-opinion. well chavez is nto there perhaps, though he sits on rather a lot of oil. I just say it because a it would immediatly be their propagandist course.

mh. problem is, what could i say more. I have been bleating the obvious solutions all the time,

perhaps point by point.

get out of afghanistan,

problem : how are we going to interfere with anything we want to interfere in the future.

pluche seat solution: like the african union(USA) does.

how do we cope that we will loose our pluche seats?
ntty obama, natm.

well throw out hillary first my first thought still, who wrote that dumb text?
get rid of him as well.

Find someone with decent intentions to write your texts hillary.
my thought was, she is nothing smarter then my brother.
okay the intentions may be okay, but the brain to settle peace and humane solutions is not really there and you have to influence the 'thing' with complicated means to do the right thing. with insecure and obscure results.

Rice never lied about ducking a bullet is the problem. Ya know, that is quite so military.

there is only peace and war, there no such thing as peace and still war.
if there is civil war in afghanistan? there should be civil war, and once again you should not train army's when you want to be credible about how to duck the bullet.

so that is terrible.

The G-20 should declare a complete embargo on weaponseports.

see where is the real obsession with all that export??
weapons. if there would be limitations on exports, how about weapons?

Usia (united states in america) is lost there, before they get rid of saying "weapons aid" , any of them in a pluche seat is an utter disgust.

poor obama , he still has to clear his name. (I think maybe he can.)

done with weapons exports. all. in principle.
it is about speaking the truth.

none from israel.. so we can finally liberate the hyacked palestinean harbours.
none from Usia. no new weapons.

better support your draglines with that.

well i am done.
no weapons.
no extra army's.
civil works.
thatchers money..
get the international finance working

do the (my) international standards of justice.
get that dope regulation round.

we have ourselves so much more damaged by medicins and pollution then drugs and even alcohol it is really not your thing to worry about, bunch of illiterates.
And that is about our children, not ourselves.

rule in the profit based pharmaceutical industry as well,
make sense

it is not that hard.

you can go to any of my friends for a bunch of the details.

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