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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Where are we heading. Topics are.. Moldavia,Madagaskar,Taiwan,Georgia.

Not much good news, politics depends on the same old methods. Madagscar is a good illustration, but so is the pro rascism block outside the UN anti racism conference,
last but not least the former popular movement popularly called sect in kenya turned into a sect called maffia, where will it lead. It just shows you should be serious about problems when they pop up, not try to change them in something worse.

India fired the mumbai-1 a spy satelite uniquely quickly prepared by israel.. my my that could have been controversial.. reminds me of georgia.

thats 2 of the subjects. Taiwan. A cry out loud, ridiculous situation, it has a terrible lot of people, well not to many or so, but just that you can predict how
whole classes of oldfashioned oppressors move back to their niches to the cost of the good name of the king, altho apparently it cleans that of thaksin,
i just want to say we need a juridical framework for our revolutions, one btw, that makes they only move forward constitutionally.

Ask Zuma or any other random victim after their career. Not that it shows so nice to be open to the kind of business ..
Well there is allways an other side, that noone cares as much to check. I think they might be people fighting for a cause without the means to really alter the structure of their nations economy, society, relations etc. At least one good reason to be corrupt.

very complicated all. reminds me of taiwan.

Last known subject, Moldavia, at moldavia i think of georgia, because in georgia the left vainly protested against the illigitemate election of saaskvilli. It appeared somewhat illigitemate at the time. However the percentage appeared less off then with the usual elections overhere, or at the time, somewhere else. I really can't remember where allthough i think that protest lead to a situation favourable for 'our side'. Anyway, did i know the man was a sociopath and half a megalomaniac,
no i trusted the georgians to make sense, collectively , to keep some control.

well i think i was wrong in that. And now again i don't like the protests much, i fear they are so to say.. of the saaskvilli side. I would say, for s moldavian this should be susceptibly put.

kind regards to all.

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