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Thursday, May 28, 2009


in what is clinically a set up sequence of regression and degradation of our freedom and justice the recentest escalation is boundless, :S, borderless, it's limits or impacts undefined.

i beg your pardon, acab, cops have a very bad name for accusing people of anything bad for plenty of time, it is a reknown strategy to surpress protests.

individuals as well.

common farkin police intimidation don't you get it sneaky cuntheads?

Ya know the silly's desperate and mad, that usually have a lot of their life spend in prison etc. will wait long before they make good work? It's completely boundless.

if there is no reason of equality, why would you bother about numbers?

That besides the pigs have let all this happen just the same, the breakdown of rights, human rights, any kind of procedings, in well orchestrated fashion , a la forget about how Balkenende screwed the same judeochristian screw to afghanistan and our collective coffin? Well what do you expect from the motherfucking nut shitty violent dickheads? porn all the same. They are among the uggliest tools and gangs of every fascist.

You can't see this as an incident, it is an attempt, the goatfucking von goghs and their prosaic deliberations with it's kind, rests it's rotten fruits,

why bother about the police , the sicko's let it all happen.

congrats uebercohen, i 's pose that idiot that goebbelised our day yesterday at some nonsensical newsbulletin, shares a similar perspective of uebersomethingness.


onix said...

you might want to say, and what if it is different, well if it is different it is fucking different.
acab; it's *not* for cops, perhaps you could statutely enforce it for a few other professions, 'medic':P

be sane, when you beat a medic it is different then when you can't stand the dumbass hardhead, slaves of the ultra rich, slaves of the fascists, of the money and the ones with a hung for power .. :S

the armed guys that make ur arms bleed, lie, thieve, and shoot people in the back and beat m up everywhere.

steal much of many lives and don't give a penny for justice.

They are plainly to stupid to represent any law, that i know of, netherlands possesed the past 20 odd years. Now they should get their bonusses ?? fuck off.

If they can't bring justice, they are useless.

they are stupid, loyal slaves, ready to bitch and annoy you,
for the benefit of the lucky few,
the good old showy elite. you think someone that likes to be like that is not a sadist?

what else they do it for you might wonder. with their dumb guns, crazy mf idiots.

onix said...

for a period of time that statutely,
like 3 mnths, 3 yrs at most, it's bloody sufficient anyway.. nasty ass-crouching fascists, fu'curse they know shit well.,

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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