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Saturday, January 29, 2011


things like this make me think mostly of censorship

egypt. oh yesterday i hear and read a 100 dead on one day,
and it is out of the news.
see a live tien a minh, and cut.

mubaraks hypocrit speech. insulting the peacefull protests. attacking demos, life fire.
30 years of what? regressive taxes?

al baradei reporting in wikileaks on amr moussa, intimidated, i called it, but perhaps it clouds his (A.M.'s) perceptions.

intimidated, in reading 1 line of his, i notice.

like nelson mandela, called mandeba by a clans name, i dunno what thats supposed to mean, mostly i guess the word nelson is like a most painfull memory of past imperialism. well, clans names don't really sound that post modern either.
mandeba, i remember long ago i would write mandela and omit nelson, not so much becus of teh nelson, just becus he was a celebrity, bound to get abused with filling pages of rubbish.

mr mandela is a very good person, very little rubbish came from his.

even though i must say media tried forever, i seen quite a few useless attempts on paperfilling about him, fortunately, he didnt like to make that kind of profile.

a politically usefull man even, because his person stayed real.

i guess i am more crazy then he was at this age.

when nelson mandela speaks, it hardly ever took me a few minutes to get to robbeneiland.


suez is in africa, there shouldn't be so much doubt about that.
death and maiming, and why? to push the next gestapo to the top.
the more you get to know about egypt, the more horrible it all is.

imagine all those tourist marching eyes closed through the destution, horrific picture.

and now blaming the people, calling them looters for a whole day, i start to suspect the police from trying to loot cairo museum,
start to suspect....?

not very much a scary thought like that can't be convincing.

i hope it will be like tunesia, first the ben ali admits blame by blaming his corrupt clique,
next he gets kicked.

basically what we see is terrible repression and injustice, why??
suez, capitalism, and israel. i guess it is the israel thing mostly now,
such brutality knows but one excuse.:(

why cant people admit that accepting peace and tolerance is also jewish values,
whats wrong with it?
that they will overblow their claims?
only thing you can do is start doing science then.

and its not that it helps much to be scared, or actually think you are so much different,

ok so i cant buy expensive cloths and i get discriminated 3-4 times cus they are army dump
not even really sure if not often anyhow a joke.

should i care? i got discriminated by the dutch for every day in my life i so much think. and plenty of times without even trying,
ya know at the supermarket when they immediatly throw some small note down a machine to check it?

i think i haven't seen a note go down the supermarket in years without being checked.
that feels not only as if people are rather stupid, it also feels like the are plenty stupid at discriminating at all.

its also on the train, its with police, its not allways with the army. woman can be even less socialised then man, thats because at an iq of 70 they are left to roam where man tend to get locked at say 90 and bcause they are so much protected. the usual uniformed lady i meet isn't exactly bright at treating people equally, there's not much distinction in the stereotyping between the two.(man uniform, woman uniform)

a few woman that happen to be rather nice seem to do better, but i think that..
is my bias;)

some of the man are decent as well, usually they are quite touchy on their status aspects however (exposing plenty) and i dont like that kind of people.
in uniform i think it is macabre.

a police like that attacked the people in egypt, a police worse and more adapted to violence,

considering my experiences, it is hardly a surprise you see few woman on the street.

its allways worse for woman, the combination of violence and discrimination.
but it is nowhere near pretty to experience it as a man.


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