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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

unrelaxed into the middle east

there is a lot to complain in the personal, usually i am broke. hungry and oftentimes unrelaxed, nightmares are my part as i dont have a decent smoke, and the whole farcical status quo, the dutch and international is certainly not leading me into spheres of divine calmth with no extras.

in a few days some regional elections will take place for wich we have already been swamped, emerged and prepared to accept the incredible and unacceptable, fraude will move the dutch politics even more to the right, as if that is remotely needed. i can only hope after the middle east revolutions cause openess and educate the people the chicken will come home to roost.

talking about these i see a great need for and even a kind of vacuum of iniatives. so by and far 3 days of complaints about how hard it would be to get egyptians from tunis and likewise absurditys my conclusion must be the un commisioners are fishing for money to pocket, not to help.

that suggests a humanitarian catastrophe in the making. i dunno, perhaps they have their cards set on al kadafi, and after that, humanitarian crisis is supposed to save the saudi sheiks.

goodwill for change to be turned into undeserved pitty for exploited refugee problems. who will tell. also i feel like setting out to the task of describing a strategy to coope with some aspects of the current events, mostly the supply problem, the evacuations and also and most prominently the fear for anything alien or different that has even reasonable people in a tight grip.

such a task is no great pleasure in the absence of a good joint, decent pay, justice and even foodsecurity, but here goes anyhow. it will probably be not a masterpiece of literature that i am now bound to produce, i really don't feel too well.

it is hard not to start in the negative, so i will push the subject of western subjects subjectivity to the bottom of the page.

start with a positive note. the revolutions as they are taking place are all revolutions of solidarity, social revolutions, changes for empowerment and inclusion. obviously that is exactly what makes the elites, there and here, so wary. they don't want social changes, what is the use of them, it would be slower to oppress people, harder to hold on to fabulous wealth. more difficult to incriminate absurd laws and misdirected taxing on the divided poor. perhaps even the more blunt part of populace would become fragmentary educated, and never again deliver lipservice for the projection of xenophobia that is the ultimate powerbase of 'democratic' capitalism.

so emancipation of the masses is the elites worst nightmare, still now, in the 21st century.
to that topic i want to add how the former kadafi justice minister is supposedly (..) playing a leading role in eastern libya after he changed sides. what an awkward choice. they better check his foreign accounts first. that man rose to prominence wielding the whip of oppression. who would expect him to serve a plenar cause? not me.

these are all detail, what i think is the most important thing to say , at this moment, is that the international community should prepare to support the take-overs, the revolutions, still called "unrest " btw in mainstream dutch media. for that matter everyone abusing the word anarchism in the context these days should be blacklisted, all of those are criminalising good political intent with every step they (or we) take. blacklist them. let them clean the rooms of their masters instead of letting them etch the intelligent thought from our minds.

anarchism is secular and peacefull. that it is the target of so many lies and campaigns only proofs how extremely justice is feared by the rich.

so the heap that feels the need to confront the wrong side of the spectrum can cheaply be discarded, their sold souls will not serve a heavenly purpose or an earthly paradise. just setting out the trends of repression they are no usefull contribution in any dialogue.

lets blacklist them, media would become so much more readible.

so in my opinion the world has an obligation to serve (not to confuse) these revolutions, how?

its not that hard, quite the usual, one london libyan eg. suggested airdropping food into western libya. personally i think it is early for that, the usual capital could do a week or two, three without deliveries.

without delivery's? the crowd control / weapons embargo is not even yet active, only mouthing it has so far been done. yes foodtransports they withhold. but using choppers to kill the populace is on the everyday wishlist of the western moronocracy's, even on that of someone like obama? seems so.(clint hint)

food deliverys have a problem entering tripoli, but not tear gas, riot gear and helicopter ammunitions. so now they cooked up khadaffi must go to the icc. how convenient, for years they were all set and happy with the guy, and now suddenly they want him before their victors justice tribunal.

ok i defended khadaffis revolution some, and i still sympathise with the ideas of his green book, nevertheless he is an obvious hypocrit and obvious autocrat, and an obvious fatneck with wacky egoist interests. so with monsters like ben ali and mubarak gone, who would mind dumping him, whatever comes after need not be worse.

actually i have a great trust in the libyans (not an all encompassing trust, as in my last post i vented my conviction they are a probable bunch of racists together with the rest of northafricans) but even that, i know they will try to work at it, try to show mercy and compassion over anger and revenge (failing worst in this very respect i expect.)

the real deal is how we will support the democratic (it is no guarantee but it is a start) revolutions. how? well how about accepting refugees again into europe?
sour shins i suppose.. xenophobiacs are everywhere, not only in muslim society's.

seriously how? i think it is obvious, libya is a disaster, so medical aid, food aid, evacuation and lots of other things will need elaboration, but egypt tunesia, yemen, bahrein, jordan, etc..

they will all go the revolutionary way, and each for their own they will face particular problems of supply, a need for tools of democratic expression, even plain education, but not in the least selfesteem, to rise to the occasion. let us, the rest of the world prepare to be a helping hand.

not by destroying the planets atmosphere with more planes and flights, not by crowding our panicked high incomes at the airports, but by setting a reasonable trajectory to be of help.

the people should support people, not former ministers or upperclass nitwitz with a high salary function, just the people, the voice of women and children from the streets.

this wont be the last revolutions on arab grounds, the ultimate revolution will allways be one in wich women fought. when women do not fight, they are bound to become the victim of the male syndromes of dominance, and ptss, once again. i think no revolution that has the ladys cheering and the men bleeding will deliver completely, equality is simple, men and women are similarly capable of negative emotions, without that recognition equality is far and between.

so i reach out to promote a greater role of women in all these society's.

with some handhold to the infrastructural problems and evacuations made, what we could do next is revolutionarise our own society's and democracy as a whole. i fear this will proof a dream, but it is possible. internet and other tools are perfectly set to deliver an element of participation, and there is the daily opportunity for judges not anymore to pursue the interests of the rich exclusively, precedence, well that.....

i have low expectations there. basically i expect that the euphoria about the events elsewhere will serve as a perfect cover for hyping up more crudeness and dictatorial fake trials against the poor in the "democratic" nations.

nevertheless like evacuating egyptians from tunis by ship is an easy touch, lets try to be smart and direct when the need arises. have trust in people, who cares if they govern somewhat amateurish for a while? some talents will spring up, compromise will be found, for example in bahrein, 80% of the populace is shia and has close to zero experience with governance (they are not even allowed middleclass jobs to be exact). the sunni bias against them is complete.

why? well over iran, but iran will also fall, if not this year, the next, and hardly anyone will be sad or disturbed about that even in repressed shia community's.

the capitalists story is people are stupid, and to retrieve some of the stolen wealth, the first thing people need is selfesteem, i mentioned it before. with selfesteem it helps a great lot to get appreciation. appreciate those people.

don't think: they are as stupid as us, think: they had plenty reason to think smarter.
really protect the youth, the renewers, the democrats and yes the anarchists, because those exactly are the voice and source of renewal.

corporatism will not stop short of killing the good nr's to get back their status quo of slave society's.

take good care all. and no matter the harsh words i use, i love and admire the people of africa,
and the rest of the muslim world for the brave attempt to fight for freedoms.

ps. have an eye on africa (no, not only zimbabwe, the whole of it) the people of africa want inclusion and justice just as much, and no aljazeera, or anything else is there to represent them to the terrorised masses in the western world.

be strong, if i thought prayers'd stop bullets, i would even say 'and pray'.

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