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Monday, March 21, 2011

odysee dawn

humanity's road to freedom has been a long one.

events and transformations small and big, abolishment of slavery, illiteracy, sexism, racism, colonialism, imperialism, cruelty, injustice or priviliged classes all of them long struggle's with no end near in sight.

none of the nations that took many of these steps can say they succeed. they can say they sometimes succeed. france didn't start a war on the populace with the paris riots, but managed to actually improve some of the social circumstance for minority's. dutch beat up protests, and repress opposition, but people have some freedoms, and usually none starve. germany has a somewhat stressfull and remote society, but it also embraced plenty of foreigners. usia has an awfull criminal system, but as long as you shoot your way out of it you are relatively free, and if you are lucky you can smoke a joint even.

its not the best example, perhaps it is that even if they are poor, most survive relatively easy.
climate is important, the need for elaborate housing, defines that a nation creates jobs and learns to sustain it's populace. it doesnt seem so logical, but it happened all the time.

than many nations have exhausted soils. libya is one.

10000 years ago, libya was a lush forested area. green from lake to lake and sea to river. so was most of northern africa and so was spain at that time. the whole idea of life in libya, or spain has been only so recently to live in a rocky plains it is not really in our genetics.

when the ecology gets bankrupt we adapt through making the most out of the least that is left,
not by inventing a whole new ecological niche. turning in a desert lizard or something else.

so north african nations do not easily provide for their populace and the key to their existence has long been a struggle with the elements. now the element oil turned up in libya, that and ghadaffis revolution turned it into a much wealthier nation.

since some time ghadaffi is in the neocon camp. he admits to blowing up planes, for the sake of normalising relations. pays billions for the sake of corporate extortion, bolts down on his social policy for what? imf? still supporting small african nations? his family fortune?

noone knows. we, the educated poor, think for the last thing. materialism, capitalism.
libya is a society that has been tribal since the days of Kato, the roman orator. divide et impera all the way from the onset of imperial divisions. it hasnt been so much of a regional power either, a small population, the few coastal settlements and vast desert, noone ever bothered to conquer it east to west or north to south.

not even ghadaffi. he reminded himself of alexander and napoleon, of hannibal perhaps, and started his greek colony in tripoli. securing the affiliation with the locals. so it seems. not only that, such say the tribes, next he took islam in one hand and bravoure in the other and dictated his peculiar futures to the libyans, in an ever more incredible luxury and nepotist construction.

for a while the west worked with him, untill the arab revolutions.
agents had naturally been active in libya, benghazi was carefully softened, outposts with capital interests set up. italian football teams sponsored and the foreign culture once again started to dominate parts of the northafrican coast.

people in libya and apparently primary in benghazi took a different take on things, the fertile idea of khadaffi's revolution and his encouragement of local counsels inspired the libyans to rise up for real freedoms, freedom of speech , the freedom to express rubbish, the freedom to belief anything opposite to what ghadaffi 40 yr dictator believed, etc . , etc.

the freedom to make jokes about foolish bedouins and their foolish children. once that was there
for some odd reason the people marched on tripoli.

waving a flag that reminds most of italy they marched on tripoli, an awfull omen.

by than no matter what russia today means, 100s had died. demonstrations been shot at, weaponry on the streets, hardly a means been shunned, and anti aircraft gear aimed at the populace.

they reacted with rage! armed with anything they had at hand, after the first initial days of peacefull protests, they stormed the bastillions and tanks of the power, shooting an endless hail of bullets at the sky's the clouds and the birds they were sure to frighten the dictator out of his position(dictators usually love birds). in no time almost the entire supply of cars in libya was turned technical for either side. machine guns got mounted, and it all got blown apart almost more in a matter of hours then days.

day in day out people from everywhere in libya gave their life and best efforts to peacefully convince the rest of libya to also embrace the values of tolerance that dont have you burn african looking people with sympathys for khadaffis socialism alive.

that wasn't easy. fortunately the revolutions diplomacy did a great job in pleading merci for loyalists of the khadaffi regime. there is some hope things can be arranged all peacefull and united still.

many times fighting and shooting in tripoli erupted. sky's and clouds over tripoli got perforated, and unfortunately so, an incalculable number of libyans shared the same fate. here khadaffi lost the propaganda war. trying to destroy internet and cellphone connections, disallowing and even starting to torture and shoot journalists he lost some credibility.

then, the arab league got mad!

they reasoned, stop that, just a sec., and our nations will rise up, please help us, everyone has to flee! odyssee dawn.. jasmine odysee!, how riot can you be.

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