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Thursday, March 31, 2011

fukushima daiichi.

fukushima daiichi (meaning "first") is the nucleair powerplant with the meltdown. after the eartquake (EQ) and tsunami, a total of some 4 or 5 plants and some 11-12? reactors had urgent problems. fortunately none of the others escalated. well, not very much (you bet they leaked and in an ugle way at it), daiichi is the one that is tied around our all necks. so far there are a lot of mixed signals, i am still most angry at tepco, that has been collecting tons and millions (wonder what japanese and even world economy contributed so far) in the run up to the disaster, and has jp gov and media in the hands and under pressure. tepco being profit oriented whilst creating a disaster. tepco is also specifically geared to work with the banzai jp culture and has a long (perhaps uniquely impressive) history of cheap labour, and abuse. this is hard to verify , in japan also, and the lack of transparance is obvious. the un watchdog is a nonfunctional "play down industrial threats workhouse" working with such institutes as unscear (unscare), and like RT (russia today) so precisely put it , "a trojan horse of the nucleair industry". citizen vigilance is the better chance to get the info's and make sure they will get and stay in the open.(1) (oh tepco just got a 34 billion$ loan' just now, says it is not enough^^(ps)) soo instead of boring you with story's of blackhole captured photons, i will just paste some links and pics, so that you can start doing the research yourself. be carefull, norms worldwide have been raised, and figures mostly have been tempered. nevertheless: lists: maps etc:;region=NH etc.: japan: lobby: (1) eg. usian navy has been operating much more proactively and secure then the whole of japan. ps: hard to get this published in a decent way, some links went missing, many others were dead. re edited 3 times, will do again later, evrything not working now.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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