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Monday, August 22, 2011

succesfull slaughter of the arrogant air

after all the firing at and from the clouds finally it is done. libya is getting back to peace-bussiness as usual. eu and usia anounced they will 'help the rebels implement reforms over the coming months and years'.

wow, thats great news if you just lost a sun or father for lybias freedom.
in some years the nato will still promise freedom.. i would be.. well let me not tell you what i would be,

i hate people to go around with guns, be they the uniformed brutes that follow upon any order to incarcerate black people, like in usia, or camerons, or be they the libyans that perforate the skies for no obvious reason. wow its peace, let me fire a gun, makes sense? not to me.

that is only impressions, perhaps it doesnt matter, i heard story's about how (only) after ww2 the dutch got hold on plenty weapons, they emptied on, basically anything in sight that wasnt moving. nude women, shaved women or even just the other side of the river.

people are like that, in the absence of resistance they turn into great hero's.
reminds me of drones and gaza btw.

but i should be happy and thankfull, the bloodlet is over, one of these in denial of legitimate governance left the theatre, libyans will finally have the possibility to listen to vague promises of change for years to come, as predicted by eu, usia and nato statements.. wow...

will libya change for the better? i dont know, really don't, it should i think, but i am not very optimist, the nato axis is doing it very utmost to run far behind the facts " gadaffi should step down" once over according to plenty of the fatnecks, today still. and the promise of years of promises has been made.

gadaffi is still at large, personally i hope it stays like that, not that i think his last few speeches were so great, but i also don't think they have been correctly translated or quoted. only the endless repition of that last speech in itself, even when the scene totally changed and all the libyans answered khadaffi's call to go forward, forward, forward. over 24 hours it is the topic of the news on alJ. and with my experience with media so far, that wont be unique.

saif el islam is a bitch. sorry to say, but yesterday he was still inciting killing, telling they were not about to surrender and now he is caught enjoying the ever illfetched richess in a luxury resort. that it left supporters and common people bleeding and dead.. did it ever matter to him?

not yesterday.

i disliked his recent act, allthough i guess only it's excesses were made known to us.
as usual the poor have been made to suffer, and the rich to get away with it. who else but nato to blame?

moreno o campo. heh a 'judge' someone that thinks its legal to deal with racist cops, racist verdicts, inequality of justice, a fraud, someone like saif el islam.

a clown, a puppet of the wallstreet frauds that steal more in a year then the whole poor part of london can lay it's hands on.

so let's set aside the international perspective that is rubbish anyhow.

gladder now. this is great for libya. why? because as autocrats tumble the future might just become more democratic. it might not, but that risk has allways been. it may otoh. because once you threw over an autocrat that usurped power for decades, next time possibly people will prevail such a development. stop them dead in their tracks after 4 or 8 years.

i dont think it will be better for the libyans now. gadaffi wasnt half bad in distributing housing, education healthcare and other basics. he was bad in being tolerant, maybe as bad as cameron even. he was also bad in applying justice equally, much like cameron eg.

the capitalist system however has a doctrine, a religion even, that to become rich, you have to keep the poor under, punish them where and when you can, rob from them, and nato and the other archenemy's of the poor promised assistance, so will it get better? no i think.

that besides people might still starve feeling liberated, why not, the proverb is: it is better to die a free person then to live as a slave.

i figure already today the gasoline prices will fall, for example my dutch people that supposedly voted to be able to cause way worse accidents on the highways, will once again pollute like mad, spread dust and toxins through the poor people's air like there is no other day.

because no matter elections in the west are a fraude, realising you can kill even if you are middleclass gives people a good feeling. the sheer power to threaten who or what you don't like with 3 tons of metal at high speed is a good thing in the compassionate mind of the believers.

take out your revenges on those pathetical non-polluters they will think, is justice, make m die from lungcancer, only to notice tobacco is not to blame when it is to late.

whats wrong with tobacco you might ask, well people work less hard, they take breaks, their lungs function less before all of the backs are broken in the pursuit, the crusade for distinguishing wealth for the 'bosses'.

i will see in a year or two. what's libya then. no more housing, less healthcare, more poverty and starving, lots of nato trained security to lock people up for longer.

thats what i think would happen. a new clique of priviliged, taken from colonial stock will reitterate the hollow phrases of the capitalists, politics to be lost forever before it was even born into the continent, oh well should i care?

it's not as if politics is the territory of reason either way. it's possible one less sheik is enough of a result, nato get's it's guns and drones free for assad, then again the syrians this time, will bleed. assad will sit in his palaces untill the criminal court takes him in to cut into stone their version of the tale, poisoning the mind of the future generations..

so great..

the next about to fall is israel, after the unknown assailants in eilat bravely challenged it's supremacy and universal right to lock up the palestineans, suddenly in the shade of a bombing campaign, netanyahu will be referred to the criminal court, ofcourse with his hatemonging associates and admirers overhere in europe.

saif el islam will need to be sedated not to risk a lifelong sentence over singlehandedly attacking the breivicks and their admirers and instigators in the one hour of caged open air a day left for his lifetime. (he should thank me now, just to proof i am wrong they will not punish him as hard as they would like to, solidarity between the rich will rule his day, and the courts proceedings, just like so far he, gadaffi and assad are left in peace.)

brothers in bankaccounts, fellow criminals, you don't hurt these do you? people might notice it works. thumbs up libya.

V for vulnerable. make it better then it was, don't allow the rich to make it worse.

(you know this is almost as inciting civil war: don't allow the rich to make it worse?)
good for me the powerfull and their servant judges(also priviliged) won't admit.

make it better libya, can you? please try, your chances are better then egypts.

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