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Thursday, November 17, 2011

collective resource (4a)

the moment is there.. didn't we see the endlessly repeated request to #occupy world to 'formulate *that* list of measures, a program, and probably a request to be compromised, institutionalised and marginalised?

yes we did. that the occupy is exactly about thinking for your own, questioning things from there, about what is obvious and natural in emancipation?

predictable that the gunnery laws now play the ins and outs with the (tea) party line overthere.

it is a good moment to admire usia, the people there do more than people elsewhere. start to think of their own and organise the future that has been so far denied to the majority of earthlings.

thrilling, and guess what.. the reaction is there. not only brainless request, but the abuse of law,
occupying a sidewalk.. omg. cars that pollute us and the environment way more then nicotine manages to do, even with the extra toxics mixed into the tobacco, roam freely.

drunk, or with even only a good smoke one is supposed to be a danger, yet the population drugged on pharmaceutics, noradrenaline , sleeping pills, whatever, races about unhindered.

being environmentally neutral results in one being an unwanted pedestrian.. more unwanted then pedestrian, as english law betrays it.

the usian have decided to try for health, unsurprising in a populace that has 50% taking psychiatric drugs while getting licensed to drive cars at a record young age, freezing the meek is considered health by the degenerate , lawfuck called a judge.

insult upon injury, injure civil rights, harm law, in harming freedom, expression and people.
and weirder then that a day before that mayor said he would allow the protest, like did the english.

it's humiliating how slimy and rantfully gossippy (criminalisation) the dutch media tries to unnoticedly draw back on concerned townships statements overhere. oh well let alone they did that to law in denying the first place occupied to maintain the protest in that , unfreezing, healthy manner(1).

enough about it, people of the world need to roll back the privatisations that robbed our common funds and rights, and more. when we supply the basics and allow for education what is the worry?

that we don't enjoy? there is music for that and other recreation. that we don't get the 1% richer with making hollidays? life is so simple.

(1)and keeping of the radar, since when are public actions unnewsworthy? since.. 1932??

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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