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Thursday, November 17, 2011

collective resource (4b)

restructuring earths wastefull economy. destruction of a capitalist and elitist system.

the juridical plan i keep unpublished for now, alltho perhaps i will need to expose more if the legal proceedings don't take some quick turns for the better. just in case.. for now i will rely on the oral tradition.

so.. just today the usian 1 percent admitted to be taxed, to actually say the least.. because to get back to a situation where taxation was in the high 90 percents for them... as opposed to the opposite at the moment...(that's herstory)

a nice start. what definitily has to change, and is more fundamental than how we fill in the exact circumstance of individuality and merit, is to abolish the right of inheritance.
'largely abolish the right of inheritance'

similarly land ownership is a doubtfull one. but when starting out trying to reward still iniative but to no further expense in social circumstance, wellbeing or overall chances and prosperity,
so not in terms of 'austerity for the poor', it was striking to meet a friend that pointed out that simple point.

the standard of inheritance must be abolished. because if there is merit in accumulation of capital, as opposed to perhaps literature, or ideas, or even friendship and an occasional helping hand (..)

it would be an individual. next to the wacky royalty's and other despotes, the class of "have's" has throughout history persistently rewarded and protected only it's own claims, to the greatest misery of mankind (the have-not's).

in a world with equal rights for any none need to be feared and the merit would be in anyone's hands. obstructing the realisation of a sustainable and sustaining world by taking and keeping the bulk of the wealth and resource in few hands is definitily senseless, but worse, dangerous by now.

however little i sympathise with ideas about investments, resources need to be applied, and the collective reserve not only recaptured, but be selfexplanatory.

the huge administrative overload or, overhead, the juridical wiggling for bits and more , enough to corrupt the legal and administrative system, not to mention burden it with ambiguity, will be gladly missed.

corporations would be submitted to legal , taxing, insured (don't let them steal it through a new hoax of ww2 compensation eg., cus it is hard to maintain with the current predation by the privats) and scientifically valid. no backward produce for poor regions, but just up to date undertaking.

it is a crying shame how for example a national bank with 5b in unclaimed contos could be 'bought', in some stocks ofcourse, for 1b. and it went like that on countless occassions in netherlands, like with eg. transportation and energy and communication networks including the media.

so for the sort of services we need an international standard, not so hard, people have a right of water, roofing and food, by extension they have a right on information and education.

internet and computers offer the most comprehensive of those technology's and it must be rapidly provided, allthough at better energy expense than is now the case. it must be considered a right for all purposes, after children to start with prisons btw. the most dramatic expression of 'education'.

people also have a right on heating and other general needs, however for that perhaps we need to try to find more collective ways to provide, watching tv with more then a few people for example is a weirdly rewarding expense of energy compared to a flatscreen each.

thats all getting a bit sideways.

'cap wealth'

theoretically politics is supposed to equal philosophy, and philosophy equals the highest a human can obtain, 'spiritual' and social development.

so it makes sense to regard merit and reward in such terms. you could measure funds , developments , sales and trends as a function of personal functionality, if you could guarantee objectivity and reason, wich we cannot from here.

psychological factors and the predatory trend owing to recent neocon and older capitalism, forms of corporate imperialism, is much in the way of a clear analyses of real merits.

so my idea is to cap personal wealth. at say 1million euro , in cash and 1 million in property.

after all if you cannot spend it at your random will the use of accumulating it in heaps is less of a personal satisfaction.

that would leave the average dentist or other stressed group all the room to enjoy life, provide education and support for the kids, live in a nice place and have great hollidays, and so it would for everyone doing a respectable job.

i suppose i will freeze inflation one of these days to make sure the nrs remain simple;)

since the greedy bastards pose such would be no incentive at all to perform, alltho i wonder if they would not for a medal;) besides dedicating corporate reserves to 'branded' provision,
and the reward of claiming science ofcourse.. we surely need more medals there;)

actually it is not hard to think of a system that such income overflows (automatically referred to destined 'funds/reserves/liabilitys' ofcourse in a transparant manner, how about people that perform overaverage get a say in the respect of their professional activity or personal interesse?

like a set percentage to a dedicated (relative to their 'work') project, or social projects that they, probably or actually hopefully with some 'intelligent' reason think worth managing.

assuming financial control and scientific approach, there is plenty lobbied that is not scientifically relevant, like eg. gun laws, or security industry etc., etc., people would actually be in a position to mean more for what they know and enact. despite, contributing largely to a wider and more social development.

all in all there is some juridical detail;) as usually and it can be an interesting testcase.

there is huge problem in the current legislature, here in usia and everywhere, in that it is strongly biased towards the interests of the proprietary class. the mechanisms through wich this performs are elitist and arrogant in nature, the focus on the intention of the law 'to protect',

is confused with an intention of the law "to manipulate", and the drawback is we do not at the moment have a valid legal check, except a dissident system within international and criminal legal representation.

for now this seems like enough ideas, obviously from this point on a lot needs to be reviewed anyhow, and allthough the difficulties with the legal systems partiality and partisan bias, for example seen how easily ridiculous arguments have industry's escape responsability's in economical as well as criminal law (bp, nigeria, gentech, bigpharm, hormonemeat, tobacco etc, etc, etc)

for now it is impossible to trust the courts and judges. our supposed representation, lawyers and jurist is usually bought, persee held to defend the prerogative, or actually the status quo, dependend of the will or unwill of the magistrates, depending likes, and not in the least part and parcel in the upper middleclass and upperclass abundance,

especially for a just legal system and justice we will have to work hard, take nothing for granted, and actually even.. start from scratch.

as a servant of the people, what the strong arm is trying to beat into our autonomous brains is not another message at all.. may it suffice.

note: it is interesting to reflect what the right of housing would amass with the no inheritance thing, you see that?

note 2: i think stocks should be abolished. attracting investment can be based on merit, need and science. stocks are another burocratic, criminally opportune, and pretty expensive overhead.

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