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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


the past few days a new scope all to familiar pops up in the international politics. alarming,
as much as being disalarming.

cussioning.. ahmedinajaadh said 3 things basically. we would not be making 2 nuclear bombs against your 20000, it will be a monotheist state. it is about a stolen laptop from 2004, to wich they already responded in 117 pages and wich they do not hold for very reliable.

ofcourse i agree they probably would not do such a thing, curious what we will hear about the sources now, if anything ..

but that theism rubbish? monotheism is just as odd as any other kind. odder perhaps. there is plenty that goes far beyond the reach of any human's powers, the energetic content of a sun or the centre of the milkyway for example. fysically it has the looks that beyond the milkyway the next could already have a slightly different set of parameters, or at least that somewhere in the universe parameters behaved differently. wich would tell that the law of nature, this apparently supposed expression of deity behaved differently overthere, i suppose in the middle-ages they called it manifold for that.

anyway in such cases it looks more like two deity's than like one. monotheism is as wacky as the rest of the religions except for one point, it's not as risky or expensive as having sects for plenty powers that would anyhow do what they think suit. so the purpose of monotheism is the destruction of 'theisms' or it serves no purpose at all.

that is actually more probable, if it was not manufacturing advances had imposed variety's of 'authoritys', we could still do without every expression of 'beneficial ' uniformity.

as a result monotheism is only sublimate politics.


a witch (natural human) hunt for fascism (class society).

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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