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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 solidarity or nothing

earth's endurance is limited and people are just vulnerable, whole nations are at steak, and the whole lot of the world is getting toasted radioactively yet by the war industrys.

blind, egotist, reactionairy, sociopath predators, popularly guised for employers, for reasons hard to understand (but psychologically perversely simple), extract great tolls of habitation, and inhabitants alike , for that clueless 'profit' and that mindless 'greatness'.

that is just one such industry. there is a security complex (split people in proprietary's soldier ants and prisonslaves).
the pharmaceutic: it is likewise closer to the military industrial complex that it's ruthlessly disgarding a future and medical consequence, the dead road they are walking is like in the war industry, not that unclear from within.

relatedly there is the biotechnologic industrial complex. that one is perhaps not yet an industry of it's own but an accumulation of abuses by the other branches of industry, a complex of it's own but only in the making.

there is the nuclear industry (one utterly hellbound and catastrophal beyond description)

the oil industry (related enough to the petrochemical industry to perhaps be better considered only one, but also in action to contain concurring markets , and overtake energy related pollutionism in the other industrys.)

there is an attempt at water monopolisation going, with the drinks and food industry involving.

railroads are being neglected, now owned by the other industrys, phones and internet became nominally corrupt in the hands of 'private property' (theft).

and the housing rip finally burst. exposing once more the greedy credits that form the vampiric fundament of the 'financial industry'.

all of those are served by an educational erosion that is also corporate, and a media industry that is a full 100% ready and set to lie, and influence everything from the events to the subconscious.

the traditional complaint, that the burocratic industry and legislature is the responsible and greatest infiltrator and cheater, the class-justice, is phenomenal in the not anymore public transports, if there is a reason to fly, we could fly equal. if there is a reason to train, it is to pay the empty 1st classes. my whole life long.

it is not that *i* did not notice.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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