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Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 transparancy or nothing

for some reason the word "transparancy" has not yet become completely obfuscated.(intransparanted)

it is coming, attempts to do the turnaround trick have already been succesfully promoted,
quite possible in laws, in legislature,

ofcourse it happens on that line as well as in shimmery financial promotions, ofcourse that is "organised", and ofcourse it is mediawise (and criminal as so surpisingly often with the legislature's acceptance of malversation, but it is not yet criminal, people go unpunished for the kind of 'product' for a 'market'.) selling lies, spreading lies, malversations, once under a corporate (lets put it shortly: financial) guise they are a product.

that is not so with truth. truth is a "secret", and can be censored.
because people tell truth and corporations want to lie

(as thus instituted by those 'judges' of no value at all).

it is really important we all realise how little avail the law will be with a struggle for justice,

it is an intrinsically complicit and extravagant tool of corporatism,

with only one but, just like their friends with the pretty jobs, that want to foul, control, devastate, keep the people poor for cheap labouring, and probably often the fun to see them suffer,

at least humiliation is the receipe for me at courts,

they are people. they do it for theirselves.

they believe in their outrageous systems of repression and degradation, control and lie,
manipulation and secret, because it benefits them. they are well off, with their cosy friends high up, who can lie and cheat and pollute and steal and resist taxes, falsify any paper, publish anything contrary to facts, steal the fruit of people's minds, have their servants,

their yes and sir etc. sayers.

just people. horrible awfull people, the only group in society of wich you can say, exactly the past 30 or so, years once again : "they did this".

wars? allowed by law. pollution? allowed by law. taking poor people's bread? allowed by law.
promoting more pollution? allowed by law. promoting stupiditys as benefit is only in production?
allowed by law.

sanctified actually. prepared.. again and again

so. perhaps, you would like to know what they know about you?

how about we would know all they know of us?

secret.. you are not allowed to know (well from now on you probably are) that the supermarket scans your faces, films your every step. that actually you are filmed a huge part of the day.
that your medical file is there, that your secret services files will never be released to you, no matter what you or they pretend, every incident with police, and for the older for example the school, for younger people it is ofcourse a bit more.

that besides they probably have all the phonenumbers you ever called, especially since 1996.
if anything you say is interesting in any way, they have it. if you speak openly about yourself they'd keep it.

that is because nowadays most of it can be checked by computers. before that it was of not as much value.
every email you send, every tax you payed, or didn't pay, every 50 , 100 or much more they stole from you (dare to doubt that tho), all that.

every time you have been rapported about, school or medical, psychological or social, by police or undercover , and quite a few more, is or could very well be there. and probably so is most of what you ever said in a public building. well unless you really have nothing of interest to tell.

nothing against war, nothing against poverty, nothing against injustice, nothing about the rich, nothing about a whole lot of things, and explosives.

i dont know how they deal with weapons, i suppose they don't go by phone.

in fact it has been confirmed every email or post you make is saved and checked. every stupid act you do on internet, and every keystroke and it's specific rhytms or rhymes, in windhoos proper. and thus in apple(would otherways be illegal in usia), and go figure available under linux(2).

next they register everything you buy or pay for, (and obviously whatever they can you don't)
and all of them engage in making deceiting phonecalls from illegal lists, probably police compiled hacks that standard land in your mailbox, under the most proper of guises) ;)

and every other method.

wich is one reason they want to force more passes on us. pas for this, that and more and more and more

the best they like it if you put invisible cash in them. invisible cash wooow.

that system's judges will clique against any change, massively.

now, talking about transparance, really we could have so much more of it.

(2) or perhaps don't. it's networks after all.
(3) bank accounts for example are just not at all safe against the interference of services in any way.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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