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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 apocalypse now.

jay this was a great celebration. i love the sound of explosions, and the orchestration of our new years party was fascinating and creative. all through the evening , here and there, now and then, big bangs started a new universe, made me think of all these poor kids to lay wake for hours after been put to bed to early.

the mood was very positive.. i thought: well now we scared away the evil spirits..., repeatedly.

the fireworks that regularly went of that tad to early to make it an interesting evening, instead of an interesting and expensive ten minutes, made it almost fairy tale like.

around 12 fireworks of every kind and color sprung up, and from my viewpoint, everything was painted in colorfull lights of many kinds.

still a waste of money, but amazing how it was as if all the people together turned our everyday reality into a film, a rather moody one, of joy, future and togetherness.

it made me wonder so much if other people (so, forgive the curse, other nations) also managed to achieve this effect. this has nothing to do much with my usual topics, yet i really liked it a lot.

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