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Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 and the policestate (1)

we live in a policestate, for those of you that never involved in political activitys, and never voiced the opinion unwanted by the elites and their industrys it may not be so obvious, so let me tell you about yesterday, the story may get a little dense, the abuse of law and police comes with a lot of detail and i tend to be serious about law and justice so i have a lot to tell on the topic, that besides the example is slightly complex even if it is actually rather plain. law should serve equality, and serve justice, not arbitrarity and corruption.

but it has never yet happened, so far in history the policestate allways served the criminals, the polluters, the overpriviliged, the greedy, the ones in the big well payed chairs, the ones that actually think they are better and deserve better then others.

for that, first an example. in netherlands refugees are forced to do a 'dutchness test'. i am against it, the natural flow of integration is good enough for me, in my experience just talking to people in dutch made every difference, the only reason i saw people did not integrate was in the distance people kept for racial reasons, reasons of fear, and reasons of discrimination.

so just as it came as a xenophobiac idea of the reactionairy (self declared liberals), that needed a bigger share of the election pie to explain their total rule against equality and environment and came up with the all-old fraude (fake elections) under a more fascistoid and expressly discriminating covert, ofcourse the idea was suspect for starters.

like i said , being an anti-racist i never had any problem with anyone not originally from here, all i met were quite eager to learn dutch, communicate and be friends.

nevertheless under the pretence of unwill (instead of the valid argument that the discrimination and segregation caused a discrepancy among foreign born or culturally differently raised), these people were forced to do a course.

the fascists (calling themselves the opposite ofcourse) the elitarist mainstream of netherlands saw an opportunity for indoctrination , and so it went.(1)

when i was young, you had these diehard reactionairys insisting on authoritarian speach, instead of "je" or "jij" they wanted to be called "u". people that had that trait invariably disappointed when it it was about content (justice, rights, compassion), for them it was only about position.

well they thought, now we have an opportunity to force these differently colored people all to adapt "u". the sharia word for you. and unsurprisingly but pukable, so it went.

the colored people, the muslims, they were forced to say 'u'. all my life i had practised the emancipatory, and it was succesfull, before this event i met noone in their right mind that still insisted on this archaic fossil of a class-society seriously. yet.. colored people failed their dutchness tests if they didnt accept this antiquated value.

what a waste of emancipation. surprised with this anti-equality result of a xenophobiac project? ofcourse not, but it remains a sticky "sick" to encounter all to frequent.

that is an example of how the powers that be are actually an elitist clique that want to pervert justice into still more class justice for their personal gains and priviliges. not shunning to create anti egalitarian and fascistoid laws to have the means.


so when i was a child, i observed much of this, injustice, the destruction of nature, the culpable and scary power of the nuclear industry, the pharmaceutic industry and the tool, not anymore a achievement, of law. i thought: i will be a lawyer and represent the disadvantaged, try to make it matter.

as a result i scanned the papers for legal incident, procedure and precedent, why not? obviously i would need to be rather 'good', proficient, so much wrong, so many wronged.

then, not many years later, when i was 11 (i think, 1974), so 4 -6 years later, there was some benchmark proces, i do not remember anymore about what it was, probably it had a do with either labour rights(2) or corporate responsability for pollution because the lawyer involved, that surprisingly made and won the case was one that had once worked for 'shell' the oilcompany, or perhaps it was philips, i dont remember the actual detail anymore.

however i had seen a few similar procedures, quitte incomprehensibly lost over the past few years, so i went through it all really thoroughly to see what made this lawyer, or actually jurist, win the case, one that made some sense.

i discovered that his virtue was acclaimed by the oil industry, he had been working his whole life for the big industrys, oh i could guess, made them millions, billions perhaps, to the cost of lives of poor, labourers, underdeveloped nations, etc., etc. that was obvious, i was rather into the job, and had no high estimate of the procedings in economic justice, actually i researched that even, what and when a lawyer could win an even slightly controversial case, because i realised defending the poor and disadvantaged would allways be that, controversial.

well it was a great disappointment. the comments showed he won that case because of his celebrity as a jurist for a multinational, also he was already somewhat older, nearing a pension, and for reasons of fraternality apparently the judges , and by extension (wrong-wing) politics decided to have him ('us') win for once. i "worked" at the case, opiniated, made my opinion known (and (usually) 'count').

so much for my carreer as a jurist, a lawyer, i was not going to slave for a polluter, a representative of the classsystem all my life contrary to ethics, contrary to nature, contrary to humans. no way. end of file.

i never had an idea of a future again, never respected any 'paper', in the sense of certificate anymore. not that i much had, but it was the absolute deathstroke. what a farce.

and that in what i considered the only chance, the only most essential aspect of society, justice.

ofcourse i was right, malpractice, abuse, and utter contempt of law have been my and our daily due, not only before but very much since.

there is not one single fundamental law, (constitutional paragraph) i have seen respected. upheld.

i also lost all interesse, i saw no professional future, if it was not possible to achieve justice within the system, i would try without. and so i did.

my life has been one rich in experience, and poor due injustice as a result.

it is the daily characteristic of my life and (not only my) problems still.


(1)in few cases usefull changes to that curriculum have been made, like informing about administrative procedures, however i wonder to what end, probably selfrighteous ones, the administrative systems in netherlands surely do not stand the test for unbiasedness or objectivity, let alone lawfull exercise of human rights, however i write about the whole of the project and the whole of the politics and not about the peculiar details of improvement i and my fellows of (color) other roots achieved notwithstanding, another one being that the complaint about lousy translators has been taken (dunno if that is still, i hardly believe that) somewhat serious at (at least) one moment in time.
(2) a subject i stringently followed

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