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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

perchoicement day


it was wonderfull, all the good and beautifull of the world sang, sp.

ok there was a soundcar calling us up to vote, that made me think the speaker was a general practitioner,
and not a typical labourer or socialist, but what i really mean is the children sing it.

we vote in a school, a few of the same old faces, jealously guard the ballots and boxes, again , i don't know in what many polling stations, but they did overhere.

the people , we all it seems most of the time, can be really one vibe, logical, in practice sp is the fairest, probably the greenest, the least greedy, loyal, constructively engaged, pretty straight for the most, tolerant, the least repressive, the one developing the more pleasant and healthy labour circumstances,

so an economy that is at least worth partaking, if even not every pile of consumptionwaste can be gold, every environmentally relevant , humanitarian research, pluralistic development projects, basic wage, a minimum income that can almost be survived (crapitalism is a hardy indoctrinator there)

good and somewhat equal healthcare, social programs, they even fete culture(1),

i rili think that car is in front of my door for me specifically, well i got a poster,

abject stance for peace and disarmament. basic, the only one that did not join in the idea that war would be an answer to imganinairy bombings in every train and metro,

perhaps netherlands can be famous for something after this, the sp....

there are plenty other things i am positively sure the sp has very good ideas about, buy i already voted, can make the point known in a more common way, and there is a lot to add still.

so i observed the 'campaign' a bit. it's no pleasure, i am sorry to say but far more than half of the time the whole media-programming makes no sense at all,

there is a completely distorted and utterly distorting mechanism in place to manipulate people in supposedly behaving in ridiculous ways, iotw a brainwash. the problem is once you do recognise it, and see things more or less for what they really are, the examples are to many, "it is full of crap"

i wrote about examples of it, and spoke about plenty more, and up to the very day today the drill was the same, 99% screentime for the 1%.

still the children sing another song, so reality is that the one percent should learn to cope with 1.5 seats of a say.

that's crazy, when i was really young, i remember to my great surprise i found, if i asked usual people, not millionaires or very old fashioned ones, usually christians, they all voted pvda.

labour party, what my part a ridiculous name, define your socialist struggle as the shaping of a labour class?
i would guess it is not the idea.
anyhow what is escapes me.

labour is a necessary evil, look at the bad backs, the stress (i beg your pardon, mine for example), the actual medical costs, the pollution, dangers, labour is something to treat with care,

labour is also something that everyone says they do, but some people if they do it they might never get dirty, tired or sick, and still they mean they deserve a better pay.

the 1%. oh yes also the relatively wealthy middle classes, that have not the brains to think independendly.
but still, that would make it 8% -10% for the fake freedom party's at the very most.

and people with a heart or mind are actually everywhere, also in the middleclasses.

so it just never computed,

in betweens, and nor did it then, a few early votes, pacifist, communist, i have for a very long time been principal non-voter.

firstly i like the idea that with empty seats the oppressive people will find no opportunity to make new laws for a class society (how so would labour and politics bother employers(2)?)
secondly for a very long time i am of the opinion that integrity can't be expected, has not shown to be a great feature of this system, let alone people in politics would just work from a concept of human rights, equality and against discrimination.
there is a lot to add to the latter, but my "politics" is to work at transparance.

transparance means that all data, all fact are available to the common good. an individual human has human rights, these form, shape, and limit the protection of their privacy, yet for now we can not probably cope with the raw data and should carefully practice.
otoh administrative and digital practice in principle can easily be arranged in perfect transparant manners,

the problem are it ain't.

pollution for example is a problem we can not handle without an utter effort in transparance, and retrieval of data that has been 'destroyed' etc.

back to the topic however, then as a non voter i did actually campaign.
i campaigned for the pacifists, communists, and the early ethic and green partys.

i got loads of responses, only today perhaps people can begin to imagine. it has not only been with the sp that people voted for the campaigns of reason and moderation, just

and i noticed even as a child, it didn't deliver, not the seats it got.
and, there was an obvious and ridiculous process of artificially inflating the wrong-(the 3 times left)wing, their allies and pseudo traditional conservatism (i.e. the 'christian vote')

it was all very diusappointing, if a 100-1 counted for anything, it stayed like that, but the nr. of progressive seats in the parliament only went down.

so: very , very angry i also feel very sad now.

so i should not have to many expectations, not even a donkey trips 3 times over the same stone.

i campaigned so about all my life what i remember for the environment, for social struggles and the emancipation of everyone, and i told people, to vote something if they wanted, even if i did not.

but like so many idealist, getting older you get more desperate, the problems in the world got bigger, (except , cheers to the staff, war the past few years), but the talks to dismiss them manifold and elaborate, with a solid core of stoopit support from people who have no clue at all but to project their fears at any arbitrary enemy, if not even a straight racist stereotype.

perhaps i'll continue later, for now? stemmen is toezwijgen, doe er het zwijgen niet toe, laat je stem niet verloren gaan,

spreek, praat, vertel, neem in vertrouwen, deel mee, stem sp;)

(1) strongly hope people will find new old collective style and new and better acces to the resource of living-working spaces, cultural/political spaces, etc. (
(2) so , no labourers?;)?

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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