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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a few things to do.

plenty room for overwork.

the very necessary thing to do is write something about the politicised practice of kraken.
the squating (a probable invention of the speculant that word) or kraken of houses. and into the detail how that is different from the occupation of objects for limited purpose (not habitation or regular workspace).

however it has to wait, there are a few things going on in actuality, mostly symbolic rubbish, like jp making a row in cooperation with usia against china , close to china , in the chinese sea, playing the taiwan card without telling it is a warlord imperialist remnant, and perhaps not a nation itself at all.

there happen to be original inhabitants on formosa, and they all but perished through the actions of the escaped chinese fascist burocrats (the capitalistr liaisson) of chang kay check.

that they shove under the table, and perhaps it is what is behind most. if anyone but china could claim the islands, chinese presence there and on formosa are a reality since uncounted centurys, it would be this ethnic victim of militarism. the original formosans.

those however happened to be traditionally affiliated with china, so at least the hictorical background could in the storys be more integer.

next there is libya.

the disarmament of revolutionairy militias in a former despot nation is allways a tad worrysome, the traditional occasion to grip the oppressive power is rarely absent.

but i am not so worried, for all i know it is only the better to disarm them, however pictures can be misleading, the media story can easily be a cover for groupings of people already apparent in the gruesome story, and not necessarilly libyans. i would like to know better about teh real situation but i figure it is not so important.

then there is the hollywood-facebook marriage in orchestrated police violence , unfortunately that is the case because the actual damage is nowhere in the dutch media to be found..

nor is the nr of severely injured partygoers.

unfortunately there is nothing real new about it, beating up people perceived as hooligans is standard bussiness for the uniforms involved. it is doubtfull they have any questions about their own attitudes.

however this could be on purpose, creating fake riots by using the severely bludgeoned group of footballsupporters. at least the dismissing and judgemental tone in the dutch news is disturbingly close to other trends to promote police states.
another such painfull and acute reality.

it is much dismissed, but the background of the disturbances ofcourse is a reaction to the control state, even if the whole thing can be orchestrated, or monitored with the facerecognition ready.

that the police makes such a point when they actually (not a first) used excessive violence against what could well, or might well have been just a party makes me wonder if they did not again err. and cause the grieve mostly themselves. like they did with another shootout for wich they are still persecuting another bunch of supposed 'hooligans', that happened to be people who were actually vocal about the amount of interference and harrasment the police anyway delivered to them, and when read well the story even showed a measure of complicence, wether in the organisation of the beachparty or in luring people into crime is not obvious to me.

so that i find silly, even if i find the films like the batman movie shootout disgusting. about this one i can't be sure because i am not familiar with the genre. x party or so.

but it is silly to go on a birthday party with thousands of people it would be better to just organise a party for the people that show up explicitly. (there could be policeinterference for example, making that partyscene, if it is one, look an harrasment for innocent people.


there is also the elction theme, yet here they are fake (the counts) biased (the media) and influenced (the many ' (un-)voting aids' that only give rabiatly reactionairy choices and outcomes.

plus that is all just bought, so it is corrupt at it.

they say it is also for belorussia, but it probably ain't, lukashenko will ofcourse burn in hell for locking people up like that, but so will the usual uniform that attacks the poor for the rich.

hard to stop him from there, but it has the looks the people can be fooled just as easily overthere, so they do probably hardly feel disgruntled in statistically significant numbers, so it is about minerals that would be a great attempt on the health of that whole nation and the cheap agricultural produce, plus probably the woods that may by now be the ones closest to europe to remain.

nevertheless i hope they rid that old man, 4 years of anyone suffice to me in the function of president.

not saying that against obama btw. allthough i theoretically think it is a point, it happens to be never a problem when it is about rendering a republican a second term. 8 years is really plenty, what kind of collective inferiority complex you need to allow for more?

the usual;)

anyway, unfortunately that is bussiness as usual, only when there will be real transparance about election procedures and outcomes, and a real independence of media and no scripted biases or wrongwing promotions people outside belorussia should open up.

so i get to the most painfull point, syria.

what a mess, it gets you desperate about islam doesnt it? that tehre are allways the divides and the infighting before they get a chance but usually do't go forward, with selfdetermination.

horrible, religion is a tool to full people, moreso when it is more unitary, perhaps not intentionally, but overhere it works the same, the monolithic bigotry of roman catholisism does indeed allow it to repress people more than does the protestant.

so it should in a way not be surprising that for sunnis coping with shia tradition is a bit much. you can say european culture featured a similar development when it was about testing the integrity of an obligatory belief.

however somehwo from my protestant background it seems the twenty first century and the digital era, the post nucleairy catastrophy world of the day you just would nto do such a thing.

like making a point about religious traditions, yet in irak they killed people over them a long while.

today obama spoke, 'his last speech before the elections'  it said:S, to the un. about syria and that it should be over, he said more, a few good things i left untouched and some digressing talk about social media, plus the usual terror bs., but teh interesting thing is about syria.

he said we can't allow assad to massacre his people like that. it's hypocrit when maliki does it it is hardly any problem, and erdogan and other turkish were never halted in their attempts on the kurds, but he agree in that with , sigh arab names, brahmini?

the algerian diplomat, who is also lookin tired from the job, it happens that i also agree.

the point that i thought assad would hold up the actions and stop the escalations is longgone, it happened for me at either the fighting for damascus or allepo but the clearest signal is that bombing and artillery are habitually deployed against people in population centra.

you would think by then assad realises he lost the game. what is it about for him really? sectarian strife? or that he is sunk so deep in the moor of political spin he has no way out at all anymore? is it that absolute values in convictions turn people into absolutists even?

hard to answer,

stricly to the point of legal description i honestly fear assad, much like lukashenko, is doing a better job then his usual domestic antagonist but if we take it ideologically, wich is kind of crazy because it is way more of an approach to western then to middle euroasian (russian, socialist) values that assad and baath are making,

for good reason even, human rights and equality, hard to judge if not even freedom should be on that line.

that action has a reaction and since every reaction is an implementation of what traditionally preoccupied people's minds through modern media, the reaction is predictably old-fashioned,

translating to with possibly violent implications and right infringements as part of the packet that appears the safer yet still controlling (elections are fake everywhere) way out, both for the controlfreaks and the people held dumb by assad's regime.

and that is just what happens, vuilence at both sides basically trangressing with ofcourse the crudest side, the one with the heavier arms perpetrating the worst, (that is allways, usia and nato were worse than irakis, worse than koreans, worse than vietnamese and worse than serbians, and with so few somalians looking for exceptions to that rule is useless.)

and so is assad, russia was worse in afghanistan than the cia warlords of the day, the russian allies ended up worse (having the arms), next usia took a turn for the worst and now we have the official afghans that can't anymore be trusted

perhaps a nice model for libya, put everyone into some uniformed service or shoot them? what is the real problem there.... (uniforms)

only individual people can be human, just like a beehive can't be a bee.

so assad should finally be a human and please run, what does putin say, why would we get stuck with assad? is it putin trusts fewer people than even i do?

let's let it slip it can hardly be worse than irak after, find some way out that is quick, political but decisive, not some compromise that would never anymore work.

when it goes on and on like this, when will it end, it would take 20 years to reach a comparable deathtoll as in libya, alltho i think the destruction might become worse.

is it we need a deal that it is not suddenly privatised, in the hands of a happy few and owned by multinationals that intentionally disrespect the quality of life and life ?

then make such a deal.

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