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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

todays fairy tale

ppl will prolli be really interested at what goes off.
mh.. everybody has been thinking of politics or in the broader sense elektions,
for me it is really exiting, my impression everyone in the town i saw was really positive of the intention,untherways everyone smiles knowingly, many marvelous thoughts off politics whirled through everyone's head, like oh one party is all we need, and the reason for it.
Or was it the other way around, that we went for the reason of it, then realised we only need one. So the real thing on TV ... don't get me wrong could be spaced:)... however, as a result evryone is thinking of green left (really good)wing. Mh. I get to the fun of it now. Wich are the moments you realise SP would actually be better. These are quitte beautifull moments when you think labour is just labour or that it is more fun that something happens for once.

I am not soo sure, i saw kids at the voting asking people to write their votes on a paper, and said i was ok, it took me only milliseconds to realise what the propaganda could do with these things.(send the cops in to vote sumthing odd, cus they have oaths of loyalty and other stuff to corrupt them.) I don't think the church would do that, though it feels like they are well aware of the method.

So i asked whether they would see the results there as well, wich was not the case, 3 people sit behind a table.
Hand the card it gets stamped , they put a tiny paper on a stick, and there you go to stealomatron, the enemy you only encouter to proof that even an anarchist
might vote the SP. Well i can't proof it, except that i know exactly what i did.

If you 'r used to feel like the naive green have been silenced,
not to mention where the votes went, then ..

Putted on the radio.
The radio is horrible, apparently an high nr of ppl vote like 80% everywhere,
or in places. it's not put clear. The news downplays it by , resp. telling more then 50% of ppl went,and saying arab media are very interested for a man in amsterdam. Because he might be a minister , allthough i think many more people voted SP.(like most of frysia).

The next one has a solid poping for benedictus, they advise a lousy,"stemwijzer", that is misleading and bias like all of them, we checked.
Lastly some heraldic gossip, on another match, and now classics?

The less you have to lie the less it shows.. propaganda to the last seconds.

I'll hear what silencer has in mind in the evening. What do you think?

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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