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Thursday, November 23, 2006

the beauty and the beast

The television wasn't a pleasing sight, cocky voices.. promoting a silly late night show, (how much time does it take you to send a mail, and how will you unzip a metropole before a village) In wich an SP voter is a traitor, an anarchist, them is him, and loads of talk about future coalitions, with media proclaiming the results are not sure yet every 3 seconds whole evening. Just as usual.
Sorry i have seen the show before. The morning after was a headache.

A bunch of jurist(?) wondering through the only town with paper-votes given big due that it would make any difference,
That they walked the streets and checked the contents of i dunno what, the voting room i think.

Noone really needs to believe it. The word jurist is supposed to do the magic trick in an evening of crappy texts about the SP. In this blog about mass media i point out they could have stayed polite.
It means we can only win by not being lead into a civilwar like situation.
Thats the nasty part of it. If they are not polite.

The right wing is shouting: anarchists won the elections, But in fact nothing changed. The silencer stole most of the votes and just as usually dumped them to the extreme right. The scenario includes some 'sectarianism' ,where honestly no dutch seem very christian at all. Use every bias you can to defeat the socialists, it's still a horrible day.

The worst thing is that when you consider how many more people went voting,
the result is very extreme right, without much reason, but the fear of the rich.
A preparation for a fake future.

On with the brighter sides.

Everyone has to agree the left won. Because evryone knows. Everyone that thinks twice realises they xenophobiacs are all but ready to hand over power, or even think of sharing it. They boiled a happy, fascist to the selfexclaimed extreme right mass, supposedly to side with the christians.

otoh the SP, the dogmatic left , won so undeniably , they really got some seats.
Jan the leader is really glad, and has had a great say in the seat distrubtion i would think. After all its one thing that the far majority of the dutch want a structural leftisht plan , the rich do feel bad. (they should considering they try to have the poorer kill another instead improving.)

However the good side, is we get a chance to deepen the involvement of the sp.
And other socialist party's.
The centre socialist : pvda feel rather encouraged, knowing so many people
have an ideal of solidarity.
And glinstering eyes balkenende (oh how glad with his hollywood potter image) , the christian prime minister, is full of joy for the wonderfull show of unity and trust in another we made. Its beginning to get into their frozen minds we are not the criminals , when we have our moments.

Take care that in a few days they will try something really lousy, they always do that after they realised they failed to make us belief in their ridiculous fascist paranoia's, in elections. (The democrats in US did that so you can bet they have some mean things ready here.)

That is why although there is no reason to shout, perhaps we are to get another chance to proof our socialist selves. Let's get to work and do politics. We'll wipe them so thoroughly worldwide now and forever, soon they will have to admit to peace.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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