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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Imaginairy world status

Actually i live in 2 worlds.
1 is the world were most people work together,
most politicians are only greedy and goodwilling,
armys protect people and do national projects,
money is only a motor and not a bait,
militairy loves technical toys,
science is a mighty instrument of imagination,
police serves to find out about anything that is yet in distray,
complete freedom of expression,
information instead of confusion,
in short...

MLK's dream, or perhaps mine.

In between that sense of the commoners i do my things.
Improve on procedures and 'law'.
Try to voice interests and find semblances between partys.

It feels natural,
the planet is strong,
the sun is helping,
animals listen up,
we are a focus of universal attention
an issue for the reels.
good for plenty second rate movies.

not necessarily boredom is our intellectual future.
(for people who still wonder how an alien would think of earth:
read doris lessing: "canopus in argos",that's latin for : the dog's-watch)
a friend of mine called it "penal-colony earth".

However i don't rili "believe in UFO's". Although i have a strong conviction for the existence of MO's (moving objects) and SO's (stationairy objects). I can't pinpoint like: a technologically and psychologically more advanced civilisation would manifest at 14526.78 au + NW14.17 or so.

I am much to busy with world peace to even seriously consider much further then solar xenobiologics. (live being a function of energy, matter and time, of everything indeed , it seems eg. the sun could well harbour some).

Actually i think that by a better planetary cooperation , not only I would have gone more on the line of exploring the solar system or space.

I have interfered with sciences a few times , and i can hardly remember what was the last time to really have to do with space. (not contemporary research but bulks of students specialisation, educational content).
Climatology is rather close fortunately, so time and again we get better resolution of the interferometric spectra.

I remember pope John saying:" God is not happy with the world, he has drawn his hands off". I vaguely remember why:
In meditation or prayer, or whatever.. thinking of me?
at one point he insisted i should take care of some problem.
I could have, but i refused plainly.

You know? This planet has turned for a billion years, and now it is like at most a century before people will know if they live or die, on a universal scale,
it is about time they see and realise their own responsability's.
I did think he was overdoing with the hands stuff anyway.

A matter of scales i suppose, i am not going to help institute systems that deprive people of options, and they tend to be easier to apply. Moral matters should be considered things of a scale of their own. A great injustice may be secondary interest when solving it maintains a greater.

And really: people matter, if people don't do it it will not work. Every measure that is not a solution contributes to the prolonged slavery of the masses under harshening circumstances already.(1)

Circumstances in the (in planetary terms very near, in "civilised" terms:) near
future can easily turn awkward for the bulk of the living, wich will ofcourse provide the ethic for even ruder transgression.

Let's not keep it at this.

I'll write on (2), no matter what .. tomorrow, today or at another time.
Have a nice day.

(1) eg. be realist about the blowing up of (red) mosques, it is certainly not pretty
and was there not threat of nucleairs, and big-scale war, in wich pakistanis would easily face millions of casualties, like irak, everything would have been different. Is there harsher? (is, but this suffices.)
2) I want to do one on social action etc. etc. but my intuitive aproach makes me fear i would be severely imcomplete, depleted even.

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