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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the uncommited suicide

Is one a martyr for being sentenced to 40 years of prison.. it seems so.
For my readers in the far future, today a mosque had been violently evicted, called: "the red mosque's" of all names. Since red is about the only word that worldwidely refers to social politics, a shocking affair indeed.

Wavering through the sub-lated rejects, i struck upon Ramzi Mohammed again.
I must say i have his name seen noticed before, and a picture of his and his best friend among the couple. Actually looking quite much as if they had just been interred after a narrow escape from some warscape, and deeply frustrated over the distrustfull nature of yurpkind respectively.

Relating the so much mentioned name to the bombings that really happened in london however, i thought the guys were dead.
Succesfull suicides so to say, and obviously deeply rooted in the ghosts worlds.

That Ramzi is a splendid thinker.. thanks, i apreciate usefull strategic thought.
I am fascinated. oh sorry i forgot to mention he is actually alive and apparently sentenced for being able to light a campfire in a suicide bomb, something different perhaps (although recently it showed he is by far not the only one in lighting campfires in suicide bombs).

I have doubts at large about the the real contexts of terror attacks,
i suppose that all varietys of involvement are well imaginable, since most explainable options remain obscure, and that does not very much neccesarily extend to
only western examples. Can't say i have not been inventive in trying to figure out de-escalating models of violence myself.

That is why it is so much in the open and with me i suppose.

What the red mosque concerned; I generally base my political opinions on civil libertys. A nation can then only have one singular authority for extraction of justice. Any other model fails, and federalist structures again and again proof that this specific tool ,the tool of justice , is generally helped by overview on the scale of internationally applied authority. And that there is procedural functionality and applicable benefit in coordination.

That every country benefits when a singularised militairy dictator leaves is another thing to keep in mind. In the de-escalating model, i fear the militairy, and then largely me, because the militairy is far more workable then private security,
sees no exact replacement for musharraf, plus he is quitte good for his job as president.

provided he remains on speaking terms internationally as well, wich definetly includes attention (or the fake of that) to human rights, and nationally, mostly by showing a constraint in violence ofcourse .

In the situations that have started through the war in afghanistan as well as showing the militairy he is respecting the value of human life. In the first place of pakistanis, M. does have a strong position now. For emancipating pakistan from the colonialist past and contribute what he can to a new and post imperialist era.

There is so much that matters, it is really so that to remain to the integrity of Islam; pakistan is a strongpoint. To remain strong, why would a good strategist want to be profiled as a weak or halfwit ruler. The only thing we really need is his integrity.

No capable governor of a country would let people without the opportunity to experiment and try, the story is they had some, and no legal ruler can allow his country to be ruled by sharia laws, since that is not internationally and presumably then ethically acceptable.
Musharraf being hardly a legal ruler as a militairy 'dictator'(4) btw.

Any emancipation of pakistani people will come through their ability to work with their selfdefinition of human rights. Since that is the universal standard to progress it must be the direction of our emancipation.(It is also the direction of our army's, any.)

You can work on the quality of human rights, perceivably improving them, so, positively adding recognised rights or aspects, but you can't work without or around them. In that we respect a slight room for experimentation as well, ofcourse, and it all to often gets abused i would say.

So it's of the table.
Are sharia acording to human rights? if yes, there is no need for controversy , Because the law covers and politics will be willing to cover the subject.
If no. It cannot be. Not sharia even or any martial law, if it is "not according to human rights".
(ofcourse i can see perceivable benefits of the sharia systems as well)

Find only sharia that is according to human rights (dignity etc. apparently still included) , and there will hardly be a problem, anyhow the concept or case will be known in legislation and certainly in international jurisprudence.

This means one can start an unlimited nr. of buro's to bring such an issue to representation in any politics, and perhaps more importantly to perfectly research and integrate that on the international level, as long as you adhere to these principles of human rights.

That is everywhere, Netherlands also knows her dogmatists that refuse this and don't do that.
Sometimes we let them, but if it gets dangerous, they have no justicial means very much, to get more out of it , then adaptive measures or a more patient then general treatment.

As long as the issue remains controversial (usually on the hobby-chicken flue level)
smaller quantitys of the issue tend to remain unsolved too, basically because there is really not much need to worry.

Painfully i must admit i am rather much at the base of a shitload of the current human rights concepts and whatever else in de-escalating models profile,
up to these wusname? These thingy's with the extra motor and the decent MG in the nose. Quitte a few rockets went on and i think the bomb layout is even slightly
nostalgic. I'm still embarrased over the slow speed but apparently it works, and it's 25 years old, so what should i think?(warthog)

These were largely designed to use against armour concentrations, and motorised armys
anyhow, but the guns were a succes. It also worked against planes and incoming missiles. It's quitte much a basic layout to incoming militairy dangers of that time,
it carries rockets originally mostly to counter the then abundant missile systems.

I evolved a habit of not mentioning any possible improvements for militairy gear aloud, i tend to immediatly forget them, but i bet they have quitte a huge stock of anti-armour bombs for the thing by now.
Eg. like twice what u need to whipe out any mechanised part of an army in the world.

Anyhow. I don't know what is up to that, although these bombs are useless.

Otoh. the apache i didn't like it, although it featured the same gun.

Helicopters facilitate shooting on infantry (or civilians), or maybe only that i had had helicopters hoovering over me by then, it is very intimidating. For me it is easy to realise what chance a human stands against an apache helicopter(3), there is so abouts 0% chance to even accidentally survive if it happens to aim for personel.

Such is my most particular kind of reason's to confront the attack on the mosque this way. Doing much about it, is 30-40 years late.

That's why i often consider writing science fiction storys.
Lift the imagination to another more practical level of applicated science.

Although now again my mind spins over improving the firerate of machinegunned devices. Accuracy is mostly a composite of the material in the util, it's efficiency is in updating the machinery concepts. The rest is only data. Some servomotor stuf.

I consider these goalkeeperlike concepts really succesfull since they stand a decent chance against air to surface missiles (never heard it failed) , and thus also are able to shoot down every other missiles within efficient reach of a similar weaponplatform. Unfortunately that is so encouraging i have a hard time not improving on the concept.

actually i wonder if similar things that would effectively range 15 miles exist yet, not to bad... although it is not really easy to target into the stratosphere.
I wonder if they know how to make barrels for that though. spose 7 miles would be barrel-limit now.

nah, guns, are not nice stuf.

Musharraf, being a militairy person, probably knows even better how utterly futile militairy resistance against the courses of this planet remains.

He doesn't seem to have very agressive intentions. Although the general show of arms is quitte solid, and then moreless defensively, the material is somewhat obsolete even in 1995(its over 30-35 years design) for european standards. Well right is he, in any case armour would be a sitting duck.
Armour are considered viable targets, viable victims. (for warthogs and other gear(1))

That besides, like i said before, Pakistan's is the only attitude that guarantees the arab world their own atomic bomb. Showing not to lack any dignity to cope with that internationally unfortunate situation. And still hold your head high.
Pakistan may feel the most embarrased nation on the planet, but it shows they have been holding their heads up, in strange ways.

Anyhow to know the arab world has an atomic bomb if needed and won't use it with egoist or greedy intend is the better guarantee for safety i see in that.

I have been watching tv rather deliberately yesterday, and i must say the atmosphere is weary to say the least.

I think it is relevant to see how very deeply pakistani this affair is, and partly has become, there is absolutely no relevance to lay any links to the international situation.
Ofcourse everything is interrelated, but this has really little to do with international threats, and very much with pakistan coping with a harsh and unasked for situation. In wich many sides face blame but from the international perspective only the future can bring a great relief, while it is not very hard to make things worse.

I don't know how correct my insight into that situation is, i must say it is nice to have been inspired by looking at the living faces of muktar and ramzi.
I think i honour ghazi as much as i can without loosing my own, in that.

(pause in the writing cus i slept)

And that is a fearsome thought. Ah the newest outlet confirms these guys had been making duds.I beg your pardon, but things that don't explode make me thinking.
mh, using h2o2 and flour, must be an internet receipt.
Didn't know 'al quade' inspired "and controlled" actions needed these.

Anyhow the whole name al quaida is thoroughly subjective, it is very hard to imagine
that a "radical" muslim group called al quada would have much to do with burkas
for example. It could be local resistance or post-modernists judging from the word.
a fundamentalist moslim group calling herself al quada is in the light of asimovs books about "the foundation" hardly plausible. But that is me. I also manage to "misunderstand" taliban for populace.

gl for now. i'll write again soon. I have an evergrowing list of subjects as long as i keep paying attention to what happens. Sorry if i am chaotically.

I'm still staring at the draft and a revision of the procedure is announces, what to think of that? I love this planet.

(1)Went like: yes, it needs double controls, yes, it needs mechanical controls, yes, it needs that armour, yes i want it to have 2 motors, it should have a small silhouet, etc.
The plane also basicly implements sovjet material structural strength together with advanced armour technology that was more western and thoroughly protects the pilot. (I was quite impressed how they did that one, i had never expected it to turn up in 1 piece, the thing is anyhow a miracle, since it is capable to cope with a build up of armour even the sovjet union could not achieve it basically beats evrything else by miles..) I must assume some slip of my tongues resulted in the firecontrol oriented 4 wheeled (i surprised) firing platforms(2) as well, but they are hardly as succesfull since the applications for deadly quick artillery are rare in de-escalating models.
They are also small benefit against thinly spread infanteristish forces in heavily accented terrain (like afghanistan resistance areas must be).
However if someone would decide to set up an attacking or defending army column they may still be usefull.

(2) Mh, must be why NL wants to dump these howitzers perhaps. These vehicles have a similar range , and you might mount them inside compounds.
Personally i think for sustained fire from fixed or defensive positions motorised howitsers are cheaper and more effective as long as you have aircontrol, but we would not need quite as many. The new thing (another one of the weaponplatform model)
would also take care of some airdefence, and howitsers would be a sitting duck, ofcourse.

(3) not much more then a 7 person warthog under rotors. With armour very much geared to operational crew, wich is elegant. But i haven't been paying much attention.
I would still think it is possible to gain a tactical advantage through exploiting the assymetrical layout, or basically involve it with more (2 times eg) guided missiles then it numerically carries. Provided a 50% succes rate on such singled out apaches (..) , it would easily pay after an attack or 2.

Still you loose 20-50 firecrews. Although beating a group of them would coordinately promise somewhat better odds. you would have to attack them in a lineair aproach formation though, i assume they go with 3 only when it gets serious,
dunno quite what to do about 3 in a triangle with say only 70 missile launchers, unless they are the very most advanced wich would up the chance of a hit from at most like 5% to perhaps 10-30%, (i can think of cheap systems that would score better in single assaults though, i must assume the western missiles recognise the apache, a rather easy feat..)

(4) I think it is very, very, hard to define who actually is or is not a dictator(i) so i maintain a theoretical concept of the concept, in wich roulation of legislative functions prevents the existence.
(i) I do actually consider every prolonged individualised presidency, dictatorship,
4-5 years(ii) and done. If your country cannot live up to that ceremony something is wrong, from wich follows the state is to authorical to be completely healthy.
(ii) I also like 1-term presidents way more usually. Most people serve best in their last period. Ban ki moon is brave there by trying to serve early.

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