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Thursday, July 5, 2007

more blogosphere, some media

Using the next blog button.

The past 3 days i have been trying out the blog world behind the next button.
Not much good eh?

Basicly i decided that blogspot and authoritys could not allow to much porn to keep popping up, and that the resource for political propaganda (and often insult to some extend) would be more limited then the nr. of real personal blogs.

Mechanism of mere distraction, (femalised blogs, blogs with the happy baby, religious
load, IT advertisement, get-rich-scheme based rubbish, and a huge generally commercial trend) are not hard to aprehend.

Its tough going though. I think the pool is very censored. That is not in the least proven by the regular occuring hate-islam very "actuality" based blog, u see passing by.

However , there is a limit to the nr of blogs censors can create while still censoring the ones others make, and therefore now and then you find a really (probably) personal blog. Ofcourse! there must be millions.

I have some general observations on all of these beautifull, relaxing, funny, openminded, hopefull blogs.

1> To many have to much lay-out to stay attractive. every element of layout distracts the attention of the fact something might be said on the blog.

example of that are eg. filmclip links. (although they can be weird, nice or funny)
A few (one or two), is actually okay. That makes the attention go towards the item.
and if its rewarding, my impression of the blog only rises.

So every thing has its exception and these are general remarks.

I dislike text that is not black on white, or something clear on white, light yellow, whatever , very light. All the blogs that feature dark backgrounds for text are unreadable. I hardly ever immediatly catch a subtitle for something on such a blog.
As i am blogging to read, or otherways collect, information and perhaps impressions
i definetly want! to get a quick impression and understanding of a blog and its themes, so that it does not work well with text on black is empiric.
Hardrock blogs also suffer from this effect badly.(rather a waste of art that:()

A pure picturesque or photographical blog is somewhat of an exception , but it is a bit out of the focus of my current research on content.

Standard headers that pretend "creativity".
The most boring thing you can have. Really decent scientific blogs can get utterly ravaged by a standard blog layout.
Advise: keep it simple, or make something up yourself and keep that small!
introduce people to your art and creativity widely only later .

Art oriented blogs do, like most art, benefit when they achieve a thematic impression. similarly book reviews etc., are only appaling when they come in long lists.

Banners and adds. Almost each of these suffices to destroy your blog.
An exception are strongly organised thematical blogs. Usually political and actuality related. Such blogs tend to be archives of their own and some related banners and links don't need to misfit in the lay out of the page.

For the rest banners may be used like photos or filmlets, only a few , here and there in the blog in a thematical context is quitte workable, although it will not perform much advertising. In general i think people should limit banners to a very few. If the first page of a blog is full of adds, chances are i dont look on.

The first page effect.
Blogs are finely tuned to actuality in many ways.
The first page, the first few articles, define if the interesse will and can be caught. The unworkable thing would be to always have an excellent article on top.

Strong archival type blogs sometimes manage to maintain such strong standards,
An easier aproach is when a blog links to blogs and articles mostly. As a function.
Such is hardly work for an individual, as the relevance of such blogs is related to actuality.

The above is not even about the content of the blog, it is only about its accesibility. After one has made an accessible blog one can start adding content with some hopes of catching the attention.

For that i think i have a few tips to.
Don't get carried away.(I bet i am to blame badly myself but anyhow).
Some things can be exciting for other people because they are yours, and some can't.
Things that easily enchant your public tend to be things they understand intuitively,
things they recognise, you can only enchant another person with an idea by respecting that.

It means you have to aproach a subject sometimes, or remain consistent in aspects.
You cannot easily enchant people with an idea by merely stressing the point.
Either we understand, and then you are overdoing, or we don't , and then you should try to explain it in another way.

Literally in a populist construct (provided positive intends) , the transplant of the new idea, the enlightening of your world, stemms only from a bases were the values are defaulted. When there is the need to weigh old values, the idea doesn't anymore proof.

It is not only when you want to implement a new phylosophical concept or political idea. When you just want to tell other people how you think or what you feel,
it still helps a lot to also radiate some neutrality, show that you are aware at least that also your position has limitations.

Not take all of yourself for granted.

It depends what and who you are writing for, but my premise is we all are writing for all of us for all history.

All of the above are individual assumptions on possible improvements of blogs.
On with general improvements of the blogosphere.

I want a categoristaion fo blogs, not a pretentious feed listing, but an objective,
i'd even prefer to be outrightly discriminated for my themes then to accord or conform to any pretention of a feed, or any other exclusive mechanism.

So neutral and objective classification of blogs.
It should be kept simple.
For example 5 main categorys.
It should also be effective.

Listing and unlisting of one of the 5 categorys should both exclude what the user wants excluded and include anything the user might forget to include.
A real random browse function would be very usefull.
A better statistical tool then real random personal impressions hardly exists, but the tool need to be near perfect to correlate to function.

I think there could be a separate categorisation possible, based on voting systems.
The problem with that is people tend to stick names on things, places and people.

A sheer content based categorisation would prevent that. I would also apreciate a system in wich a few symbols would be added to every blog.
I cannot exactly see a right shape for it, perhaps a votometric construct, but something taht would tell you in a glimpse wether something is controversial,
commercial, policied, etc. I suppose that is somewhat utopic, but also i think it is a somewhat usefull item in pressfreedom and freedom of expression.

One problem for such a system would be the huge international biases, since we will partly be dependend of technique not evrywhere available in working at these issues.

Another problem is the individual may not want to be identified in symbols.
This however is psychologically aprehendable and with research involving all partys
acceptable status may be achieved.

The symbols or labels should themselves be a link of neutral character.
It should not be made that every idea gets bombarded with anti-propaganda, but yet that it gets revealed in it's contexts, pro, contra and as actuality and assemblance of facts).

General media.

To a certain extend above also is very utopic, especially the assesment of facts does already suffer from degenerate resources.
For reason that certain facts have to high alarm value on populaces. In an objective assesment and focussing on problem solving, public opinion will function most actively in an abundance of information, on the longer term we may cause great damage and harm by not living with the facts now.

in practice you can only remove the causes for violence by acknowledging them.
often in shame.

Strangely the islam is quite right in saying media can put people on the wrong way.
Since commerce uses your vulnerabilitys the focus is soon shifted towards contrast.
More often then not it is your limit or norm that gets trashed.
So it is very hard to show respect , for media in a commercial situation.
The net effect untill now is of highly doubtfull quality.
Not strange, the general trashing of one limit (heh, an artistic one in my perception) invites the stampede of yet another while people still long for the entertainment.

Only a radically different aproach of these media-matters would facilitate positive changes in the lives of very many people. Plainly make them more happy in fact.

browsing some blogs:) next hint: don't use meaningless lables.
oh well , again one of these that makes you close all tabs...
sigh, you get punished for freedom of expression, didn't i tell you?

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