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Monday, July 2, 2007

Missing Wayne Madsons Report

Apparently superdudes bush and putin's dinner methods have revolted puritan veteran america so much acute censoring took place, I'd be obliged for any information.

I am more in the mood for a light hearted story about the blogosphere, much like what i yesterday(sortta i spose) wanted to write and didn't.

About the precise information missing above i can do a good guess, it must have something to do with the yearly CIA meeting on the subject "is USA hated enuf to start ww3".

Anyhow we yurpeans don't come of well in the analyses, we misunderstand the usian noble intention for plain robbery and murder, and although we have been lieing about wether we like usian people, it clearly shows we misunderstand everything happening around the globe. Including in the states, were a relative huge population is utterly happy to be so settled.

Ivory coast and the maldives do better in the comparison, some statistics leave out certain countrys, apparently the dutch are such a desolate culture they could not be asked for an opinion over usian foreign policy.
However as long as the maldives agree justly and rightly with the whole concept of usian politics evrything must be ok.

I actually suspect a full 100% of the dutch actually disagreed with that US is ok in foreign policy concept because it uses such great words . And that it is the reason we don't count. Or perhaps we got left out because living our humble life in our hobbitland we actually don't even like the usian public.

I think that could be true. The dutch are the only ones sufficiently naive to admit to not liking the usian public. Very silly of us, i' ll show we are wrong.

We do like usian people, only we like their manners less, less then say , almost anyone else. Although maybe some cultures actually sometimes behave more silly.

Strange that eh? We don't like their manners, and we don't trust their doings.
Fortunately we are the only people in the world so stupid to admit that.
Probably because our manners are nearly as bad as theirs.

We have quit a few bad manners they might learn of perhaps. So i don't understand why Cia wants to underline this animosity.

Anyhow tomorrows problem tomorrows care, this is the story about the live of your children, perhaps they won't blame you if you fail to notice.

Other options i think are plausible.. WM uncovered the new london bombings beforehand, WM knows who delivered the plans to the brilliant arabs, or even he uncovered involvment of the famous asian weapon smuggle bussiness in the recent attacks.
The latter i think is not the case, but you don't ever know with nowadays security corporations.

Lastly perhaps he was in ibiza fotographing US service personal working for the spanish. But i fear it is mainly the fly in bush's lobstersoup,
or perhaps it was the carrots.


I think i write some more later.

ah ok.. mh, I found something, apparently he went commercial? I think it is still a bit strange, who would want to limit his views like that. He obviously wants to make a living through journalism and his blog, apparenltly enough usians are so rich they can pay to read a blog that trys to cover peaceactions:S This world is full off surprises.

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