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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hypokrit Krisis

I guess it needs an update, my critics to the current approaches focus on 3 points atm.

preoccupation with loans
obsession with export
lack of ecological vision

The first point i think is critic because it provides the illusion that by forever making guilts you would add value to an economy.(in the national corporate or personal sense)

the second point has a similar problem, the "crisis" is one of the world as a whole,
export as such allways means someone else is creating a deficit. Perceiving exports as balancing in that sense in this crisis would be also farfetched. They are hugely part of the problem because they can spread this illusion of growth, to the cost of some (far away and out of sight).

The third point is that what we use and 'borrow' are mostly the available natural resources. The depletion of these, that is more often a matter of destruction then one of limitation, is as predictable as can be.

for example we face leaders that promote population growth as another means to exploit the margins. yet the time that such kinds of "economical theory's" earned (the militairy-industrial complex) their place on the platforms should be thoughtfully considered part of the problem and actually longgone.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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