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Friday, March 20, 2009


I strongly support the new president , Rajoelina, in madagaskar. I hope a lot of room is given so they can steer ahead. For him personally i hope he will never be overcome with the ambitions we see so often in heads of states of small underdeveloped nations.

Madagaskar as an island and a source of quite some wealth should be a wonderfull nation and among the very greatest on earth to live in, that it is not we owe to the western interference in the past, colonialism.

not only that after decolonisation even a beautifull and incredible nation like madagaskar didn't get to bloom but remained a suibject of profit and supression.

In fact it is long due a revolution, a detail i think AU overlooked. Ofcourse AU has other reasons to bother, in terms of credibility it should naturally support the most stable courses. Not always a change of power comes to no harm at all.

However pay attention how much and how calm and reluctant all the time the army of madagaskar played its role. After the initial bloodbaths they have maintained peace forever. without even provocating the former president. rili quite professional.

In that sense i think we should not worry about democracy, teh army at least lives up to the promise of independence and good fortune the island offers, and actually, so do the people and they allways did. The madagaskar population has long showed signs of political awareness.

So next with the AU is they fear their own seats, most are undemocratic, or on the hands and in the hands of the west. The conclusion must be ravalomanani (or whatever the former president's name was,) was the stand in for the corporations that so long abused madagaskar.

Someone like menali in the AU ofcourse fears he has much to loose, he also had 100s of people shot in the street. So if that becomes a legitimate reason for a takeover, i think it is, he fears for his position. He is not the only one in that position in the AU.

If rajoelina is a good guy i will soon notice, the media will heckle him no matter what.. and a lot of foul air with a penetrating democratic perfume will be released on him.

otoh the international community's responisbility in such a case would be to actually guarantee fair and free elections in the 2 year term that is usually promised.
However, fair and free elections are rare and between. The population of madagaskar was obviously not waiting for another "fair" election.

so control of elections must be diverse and unbiased, to universal kriteria, and with no artificial counting.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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